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Archive for December 2019
picking up the Knox buoy at Easom

Saved by Easom and the Army Corps of Engineers

Buoys, whether on the ocean or the Bay, are ravaged by big tidal flows, big waves and occasional bumps by boats large and small, and sit in a corrosive saltwater environment. The combination of forces exerted on buoys means that they are sometimes dislodged from their positions, sometimes to be found lying on a Bay shore or sometimes never seen again.

Tuning into the Rolex Sydney Hobart

When we say "armchair racing," you might picture scooting armchairs around the living room in an attempt to be the first to the holiday gifts. Although that's an amusing visual, this is something to divert your attention when you've had a bit of holiday overload and are ready for a yachty distraction.
San Francisco Science & Sailing docklines

Don’t Let the Grass Grow

Jim Hancock has been a busy guy. How do we know? He sent us the photo below of his dockline sprouting grass after our seasonal rains. That's not a good sign for someone we know who loves to be sailing the Bay.

‘Matthew Turner’ Struts Her Stuff off San Francisco

While we were making the (not) first-ever circumnavigation of Red Rock on Saturday, a certain Bay Area boat was enjoying a first-ever of her own. “We sailed Matthew Turner across the Bay to the San Francisco Cityfront, along the Embarcadero, then back around Alcatraz to Sausalito,” said our roving reporter John ‘Woody’ Skoriak. More »