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Sailagram: A Snapshot of March Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | April 2, 2021

Did you get out sailing in March? It has been an incredible spring for many sailors. This month’s Sailagram feed is full of photos submitted by our readers, the real sailors who make our community so amazing.

Ask Not “Where’s Waldo?” Ask Instead “Where’s s/v ‘Freedom?”

By Monica Grant | March 31, 2021

We had a reader ask us where this photo was taken. So we decided to ask you. Where do you think the photo was taken?

Carl King

Sailagram: A Snapshot of February Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | March 1, 2021

Real photos from real sailors, every month.

Sailagram: A Snapshot of January Sailing

By Nicki Bennett | February 1, 2021

We hope you enjoy our new Sailagram feed full of photos submitted by our readers, the real sailors that make our community so amazing.

Winging It, and Wondering What to Call this New Watersport

By Tim Henry | April 16, 2021

Have you tried “winging,” foiling, SUPing, or other new(ish) watersports? Do you get excited when a new trend hits the water?

Skippers Wanted: US Coast Guard-Licensed Captains for Charters and Private Lessons

By Monica Grant | April 16, 2021

Wanted: US Coast Guard-licensed captains for charters and private lessons. For power & sail. Hourly rate from $50 up. Weekend and weekday work available.

Sailing next to Coast Guard Island

Evening Racing on the Oakland-Alameda Estuary

By Christine Weaver | April 16, 2021

“Encinal Yacht Club had their first Spring Twilight Race on April 9,” writes Fred Fago. “It was a cool evening with a nice steady breeze.”

Cleaning Up the Bay with the Help of a Little LADI

By Monica Grant | April 16, 2021

“I was struck by how much debris and trash existed right in the Bay and Alameda Estuary, so I began to pull trash from the waterways using just a net.”

Morro Bay

Morro Bay: Mid-Coast Relief or Destination?

By John Arndt | April 16, 2021

While Morro Bay is a well-protected harbor of refuge for boats traveling north or south, it’s also a worthy destination on its own.

Nothing Lasts Forever

By John Riise | April 16, 2021

Ruth and Marvin were looking for a new place to have dinner one night and came across Ana Bananas. Here they found 47 Crown Royal pouches said to contain the ashes of their deceased owners.

Club Nautique ‘Get to Know Jeanneau’ Event Coming in April

By Monica Grant | April 14, 2021

Get to Know Jeanneau at Club Nautique in Alameda, CA. You’re invited to come and see some of Jeanneau’s best-selling models at this ‘by appointment only’ event.

May’s Classy Classified Deadline Is Tomorrow!

By Monica Grant | April 14, 2021

Are you looking at selling your boat? Don’t delay. The May issue Classy Classified deadline is tomorrow! Thursday, April 15 at 5 p.m.

Warping a boat

Warping a Boat Around at the Dock

By Monica Grant | April 14, 2021

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, the third entry of “warp,” as a verb, defines it as: “to move (something, such as a ship) by hauling on a line attached to a fixed object.”

Corinthian Yacht Club Friday Night Races

Corinthian Yacht Club’s Unique Friday Night Microclimate

By John Arndt | April 14, 2021

While race committees everywhere strain to set perfectly square lines and courses that create the elusive, mythical ‘fair’ sailing arena, the average Friday night race is set up to fire a gun and go, regardless of what’s out there.