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Archive for December 2019

A Shuffle of SailGP Teams

SailGP announced the addition of the Spain SailGP Team to the global championship’s Season 2 lineup. Replacing China, Spain will join Australia, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Japan and the United States.

A First-Ever Circumnavigation in the Bay Area

To be fair, first-evers are relative. What’s a sailing first-ever to me has probably been done a gazillion times. But it’s no less significant. On Saturday, as the rain clouds finally parted in Northern California and the breeze filled in, we decided to make our first-ever circumnavigation of Red Rock, a rust-colored lump of island plopped down to the immediate south of the Richmond Bridge. More »

Elana Connor Singlehands to New Zealand

Elana Connor sailed out the Golden Gate in 2017, bound for Hawaii. Captain Conner’s only crew was Jadzia Dax, her dog. Yesterday, Connor posted on her Instagram that she’d just arrived in New Zealand — it was a long and critical leg along her current west-to-east circumnavigation. More »