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June 2006

June 30

Photo of the Day
President Obrador or Calderon?
Owned Her for 30 of 31 Years
Slow, Slow Boats to Hawaii
Guidance on Cruising Guides
Most Recent List of Entries

June 28

Slow SSS TransPac
San Diego to Close Anchorage
Brightwork on a Sunny Day
Morning Light Crew Search
Beecom Record Attempt

June 26

Soloists Set Sail
Good News out of Mexico
Bermuda Race Winners
They Said She Wouldn't Last
Kiwis Taking No Prisoners

June 23

Photos of the Day
1 Year until the Real Deal
Summer Sailstice Weekend
17 Paid Ha-Ha Entries

June 21

Photos of the Day
Eclipse Back in Panama
Jamaica Goes Hollywood
Merrill Didn't Fall Overboard
Ad: USCG Licensing in Sausalito

June 19

Photos of the Day
First Baja Ha-Ha Entries
Med Voyage Started with Ha-Ha
Cayard Leads Fleet Home
Cayard's Perfect Weekend

June 16

Tahiti Hosts Puddle Jump
Snorkel Free or Die!
Geronimo Out for Speed Sailing
Stienstra Catches the Baja Bug
Summer Sailstice Weekend
Former Photoboat for Sale

 June 14

Want a Good Laugh?
Mon Dieu! Maxi-Multis Multiply!
Cruise Across Indonesia?
Boatyard Owners Murdered
Not Rain, nor Sleet, nor Sun

 June 12

Delta Ditch Run
Lost Overboard on Both Coasts
Ha-Ha Entry Packs in the Mail
Geronimo Goes for Six

June 9

Coastal Cup Record Slashed
Overboard Victim Identified
The Colors of Mexico
June Issue Now Online
Geronimo Due Tomorrow
Going to the Isthmus?
Teens to Voyage Seaward
Ad: Diesel Engine Seminar

June 8

Special Edition!

June 7

Photo of the Day
Geronimo Expected Fri.-Sat.
Tragedy off Point Reyes
Tragedy Narrowly Avoided
Abandoned Nauticat Spotted

June 5

Photo of the Day
The Answer Was 'No'
An Eye for an Eye
The Other Hussong's
Are You Young? Like Sailing?
Geronimo Racing to SF

June 2

Photos of the Day: Spinnaker Cup
Busted for Drug Smuggling
Yachting Karma
New Sailor in Town
Memorial Day Sailing Weekend
72 Entries for In-the-Bay Race

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