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Thunder, Lightning and Ferocious Wind
Saturday had ferocious winds of 50 mph. We had a long-distance around the north shore of Lake Tahoe, and halfway through the race, a thunderstorm brought some substantial southern breeze.
The World Famous L38
We dug this one up just now. Clearly we had to wait for it to take root and grow …
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With Ronstan Orbit Winches™, lines can be eased without removing the handle or the line from the self-tailing jaws, a unique advantage provided by the patented QuickTrim™ self-tailer.
Sailing In Pictures
June was quite a racey month, with Slackwater SF sending in photos from the Oakland YC Sweet 16 Race, Offshore Half Moon Bay, and Woodies Invitational. 
Sailors' Stories
In this month's World of Chartering we hear from Tom Luneau on chartering in Tampa Bay, FL and how marine safety is what makes a fun night at sea, versus a nightmare at sea.
Independence Day
We wish you all a safe and fun-filled Fourth of July! If you’re taking the weekend off, then all the more merriment to you.
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Hydrovane is your best crew member: an independent self-steering windvane and emergency rudder/steering system … ready to go!