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New York Times Gulf Stream

The Changing Course of the Gulf Stream

According to a New York 'Times' article, Benjamin Franklin was the first to map the Gulf Stream during a transatlantic crossing in the 1700s.

That Sinking Feeling in the Oakland Estuary

Clearly the Bay Area has a housing crisis, though just as clearly to most people, solving homelessness with illegal anchorages filling up with aging and poorly maintained vessels is not the solution.

Bay Area Boatbuilder Launches 72-ft Saildrone

Bay Area boatbuilder Saildrone has launched a new vessel, the Saildrone Surveyor — a 72-foot uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) equipped for high-resolution mapping of the ocean seafloor.

USCG Tests Unmanned Vessels off Hawaii

The US Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) has announced that it will begin testing and evaluating the use of unmanned surface vehicles off the south shore of Oahu.