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Nets underwater

Great Pacific Garbage Patch Haul

Chartered by the Ocean Voyages Institute of Sausalito, the Kwai departed from Hilo on a voyage to the Garbage Patch to collect ghost nets and other marine debris.
Saildrone upwind on the open ocean

Counting Fish with Sailing Robots

Scientists Turn to Alameda’s Saildrone This week is World Oceans Week. One of our friends shared this story on social media, and we could not resist passing it along. Here’s a tale where yesterday’s science fiction is today’s science fact, with a group of San Francisco Bay Area tech innovators leading the way. More »

State to Hold Hearing on Reforming BCDC

On Wednesday, a bill recommending targeted reforms to the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, or BCDC, will be up for discussion in Sacramento.
Rubber ducky with boats in the water

Observing Earth Day and Opening Day on the Bay

This coming Sunday, April 26, was to have been Opening Day on the Bay. Amazingly, the parade is on — but not in the usual fashion. Instead, PICYA invites sailors to enter model boats in a virtual parade.
Boats hauled out on river bank

DBW Offers $3.75 Million in Grants

The Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW) offers grants to help local public entities enhance safety on California’s waterways, and clear them of abandoned vessels.

Take a Quick Scroll to the Bottom of the Ocean

Did you know that emperor penguins can dive 1,700-ish feet? Do you know how deep a human being has dived (and when)? What’s the largest type of crab? Who were the first people to take a submarine into the Mariana Trench? More »

On the Righteous Path to Bay Access

After reporting on regulatory issues over the past few years, we feel like we’ve developed an existential difference in opinion with certain policy makers who often tout waterfront trails — as opposed to ramps and marinas — as the be all end all of access to the Bay. More »

Catching Up with 11th Hour Racing

The American-led 11th Hour Racing Team has claimed a podium finish in the ultra-competitive Défi Azimut off the coast of France. A 48-hour pre-Transat Jacques Vabre tune-up, the Défi Azimut…
Schooner 'Jakatan'

A Strike, and the California Coastal CleanUp

It is a big weekend for the planet — or at least our little slice of it. Today marks the Global Climate Strike and tomorrow is  California Coastal Cleanup Day. Greta Thunberg’s sail across the Atlantic to the UN Climate Conference, and her testimony to Congress, has brought attention and renewed activism to the issue of climate change (we saw a sign that read “Make the World Greta Again”). More »