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Don’t Let the Grass Grow

Jim Hancock has been a busy guy. How do we know? He sent us the photo below of his dockline sprouting grass after our seasonal rains. That’s not a good sign for someone we know who loves to be sailing the Bay.

San Francisco Science & Sailing docklines
Sprouting grass from your docklines is a sure sign you haven’t been sailing enough.
© 2019 Jim Hancock

We also know Jim has a good excuse. As the director of the blossoming San Francisco Science and Sailing Center, he and his stellar volunteer team were busy organizing their first fundraising gala held a week ago Thursday in the Ohana Room at the top of the Salesforce Tower. Though there’s plenty of work ahead for the Science and Sailing Museum, we hope there’s also more time for sailing. At least it’s a nicely wound dockline. How is your boat looking?

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  1. Richard Bradley Smith 3 years ago

    Wound or Flemish? And more importantly, it appears to be the correct (or at least okay) line to Flemish. No one wants to get their butt kicked of the boat for treating a line indecently. What if it is your boat? Is it cost per foot that determines if Flemish or figure 8 is correct, is it application?

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