July 2004

July 30

Photo of the Day
New California Budget
West Marine Pacific Cup
Japanese Singlehander Saved
Ha-Ha Paid Entries Top 70
Oversight from Around the World
In Memorium: Mikey Murison

 July 28

Photo of the Day
Chicago to Mack
Bring on the Lawyers!
Dirty Laundry
It's Almost August

July 26

Photos of the Day
Boat Should Be "Demon Free"
The Sailor, the Ship & the Bridge
Shorter Hours for Bridge-Tenders

July 23

Photo of the Day
For the Want of a Pill
Canal Transits Change
Fauconnier Wins St. Malo
Capricorn Cat Heads for SF

July 19

Photo of the Day
On the Bay
Woman Leads St. Malo Pack
Mikey Murison
Classy Classified Ad

July 16

Photo of the Day
Good News from Mexico
MaxZ86s Hits Rough Patch
Want to Help Out?
Baja Ha-Ha Entries Top 60
Classy Classified Ad

July 14

Home Is the Sailor
Looking Good
Midnight Moonlight Marathon
It's Bastille Day!
SoCal Cruising in Full Bloom

July 12

Photo of the Day
Ship Hits Bridge
Winnetou Wins Pacific Cup
Singlehanded TransPac
Fun on Profligate in SoCal

July 9

Photos of the Day
The Truth Is Out There
West Marine Pacific Cup
Quebec to St. Malo
Ha-Ha Entries Near 50
Fun on Profligate in SoCal
Classy Classified Ad

July 8

Special Edition

July 7

Photos of the Day
Mari-Cha to Smash Record
90-Day Yacht Club to End?
Semi-Monty for the Olympics

Singlehanded TransPac

July 5-6

West Marine Pacific Cup
Singlehanded TransPac

July 2

Photo of the Day: Mari-Cha IV
Big Changes at Puerto Escondido
Singlehanded TransPac Update
Sound Decision Lost on Shore
Now for the Answer
The Long Weekend

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