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Heading South: Latitude 38's Guide to Sailing and Cruising the Coast of Mexico and Central America

Cruising News for Mexico and Beyond

Baja Ha-Ha
The 2021 Baja Ha-Ha is on!

The Latest Cruising News

Baja Ha-Ha XXVII Opens For Registration at Noon on May 6th


Grand Poobah, Richard Spindler, wrote to announce the opening of the 2021 Baja Ha-Ha: Why sign-up right away? The earlier you sign up, the higher you are on the list to get a berth in Cabo San Lucas at the end of the Ha-Ha.It may not seem like a big deal now, but for a…

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The Grand Poobah on Baja Ha-Ha 2021 Leg One Options

Baja Ha-Ha

We’ve gone to the east of the island, we’ve gone to the west of the island …

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Sailing North from Santa Barbara to San Francisco — the First Time

David Cohan shares his experience of sailing north from Santa Barbara to San Francisco aboard his Southern Cross 35 cutter, ‘Synergy’.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Ruth and Marvin were looking for a new place to have dinner one night and came across Ana Bananas. Here they found 47 Crown Royal pouches said to contain the ashes of their deceased owners.

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Cruising Resources - Articles From the Latitude 38 Archives

Read the 2020 First Timer’s Guide to Mexico

First Timer's Guide to Mexico
First Timer's Guide to Mexico

Latitude 38's First Timer's Guide to Mexico Update for 2020.

Why Cruise Mexico?

Walk the docks of any marina from Vancouver to San Diego this summer and you're likely to find dozens of sailors fitting out their boats for extended cruising. Where are they headed? While some undoubtedly have lofty dreams of eventually cruising the South Pacific, the Caribbean or the Med, destination numero uno for almost all of them is Mexico.

Fitting Out: The Cruisers Back Porch

A centuries-old adage claims, "You can tell a lot about a sailor by the cut of his jib." But when it comes to modern cruisers, nothing reveals more about their sailing style than the 'back porch' of their boat. That is, the stern section, which may house everything from solar panels to surfboards, and barbecues to radar domes.


Favorite Sailing Apps

One of the frustrating aspects of living in this 'app-happy' era of endless innovation is that is it seems almost impossible to keep up with the latest, greatest developments in technology — including smartphone, tablet and computer software related to boating.


The Info on AIS

Now more than ever, the modern sailor has lots to choose from when it comes to navigation and safety instruments. Communication devices such as the Iridium GO! and Garmin inReach (which also has GPS capabilities) have complemented the single-sideband radio and VHF. Chartplotters have digitized and dramatically simplified navigation, and radar has long been an important tool for identifying marine traffic, obstacles and weather.

Offshore Communication

With the ever-expanding assortment of communications devices designed for offshore sailing, comes the dilemma of deciding which ones belong on your 'must-have' list, and which ones you can live without — especially if you're on a limited budget. With that in mind, we'll share some tips and insights here that we hope will reduce your befuddlement.


Communications: Idiots Guide to SSB 

Despite several advances in offshore voice communications such as satphones, marine single sideband (SSB) isn't going away anytime soon. That's because SSB, unlike satphones, allows an unlimited number of people to listen to a transmission at the same time.

Small Boat Adventuring in the Sea of Cortez

You don't have to own a fully equipped 50-ft cruising boat to enjoy the spectacular Sea of Cortez, a vast, sparsely developed wonderland for sailors and adventurers.

Latitude reader Derek Rice and a buddy recently had big fun tapping into the region's magic aboard a 44-year-old Catalina 22 daysailer.


Cruising Notes—Things to Know Before You Go

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Marina Puerto Los Cabos

Marina Puerto Los Cabos — San Jose del Cabo

Slips 200, from 30-260 ft
Assist. Manager Anibal de Iturbide
011-52 (624) 105-6028
toll-free 01 855-578-6222
VHF channel 22 A

For Cruising Gear and Expertise, Find Everything You Need at:

(619) 225-9411

Please visit our store near Shelter Island in San Diego or shop online on our new website:



Marina Costa Baja — La Paz

Slips 250, from 30 to 200 ft
Manager Gabriel Ley
Phone 011-52 (612) 121-6225
Toll free (888) 866 9394, (800) 200-0281


Marina El Cid — Mazatlan
Slips: 90, from 30 to 120 ft; end ties: 4
Harbormaster Gerónimo Cevallos
phone: 011-52 (669) 916-3468,
US free 1-855-513-4080
VHF: channel 16

Marina Coral — Ensenada

Slips 353, from 30 to 109 ft, end ties: 64 to 100 ft
harbormaster Fito Espinoza
phone toll-free from the US (866) 302-0066,
01-152 (646) 175-0050
fax 011-52 (646) 175-0058
VHF channel 71

Marina de La Paz — La Paz
Slips: 110, from 30 to 200 ft
Harbormaster Neil Shroyer
phone: 011-52 (612) 122-1646
fax: 011-52 (612) 125-5900
VHF: channel 16