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San Diego Sailing Beyond the Baja Ha-Ha

Aside from immersing ourselves in the excitement of 600 people about to sail to Mexico, we love the start of the Baja Ha-Ha because it's a great opportunity to connect with San Diego's thriving sailing culture.
Lorien sailing with spinnaker

Views of the Baja Ha-Ha

The 130-ish boats in the 27th Baja Ha-Ha have scattered. But here we take a look back at the rally down the Baja peninsula.
Baja Ha-Ha kissing contest

From Here to Mexico: The Famous Ha-Ha Kissing Contest

Channeling Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr from the 1950s movie 'From Here to Eternity', the Poobah gently threw his future wife down on the sand, embraced her, and passionately kissed her as he rolled her into the breaking surf.

Keeping Up with the Baja Ha-Ha Happenings

The Mexico navy made their presence known and boarded a few boats. They are always a little intimidating with their automatic weapons, but also always polite.