Race to Hawaii
The 50th Transpac Race to Honolulu will start from Los Angeles this July, but the 100th entry came from the San Francisco Bay Area. Chris Welsh's classic Spencer 65 Ragtime…
Cruiser's Rally
If you are one of the many sailors making plans to participate in this fall’s Baja Ha-Ha XXVI — more than 10,000 sailors on over 3,000 boats have preceded you in the last 25 years — please note that the event will start a week later than in recent years.
Spectator-Friendly Sailing
SailGP racing on six foiling F50 catamarans is off and running. The event ran three races yesterday afternoon (February 15 in Australia). Three more races are on the schedule for today.
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Magazine Features: February 2019

The Hobie Memorial

The statue, bronze-cast and glowing brilliantly in the sun, has frozen in time a man, focused and intent, but undeniably stoked, at the helm of a catamaran, surfing down a wave.

Taylor Canfield

It is a real pleasure having a conversation with Taylor Canfield, who is arguably one of America's greatest sailing talents.

Tips On Couple's Cruising

Visit any cruiser haven around the world and you're likely to find plenty of sailing couples whose liveaboard lifestyle appears to be simple, idyllic and carefree.

Season Champions Part 4

We had so many [profiles] — and we wanted to include as many of them as possible — that they trickled into a fourth issue. Thus you hold in your hands (or view on your screen) the final installment honoring class winners of the 2018 Bay Area sailing season.

Evolution of the Waterfront

The Bay Area waterfront is ever- evolving. It is, at once, a remnant of the boom of recreational sailing, and a rapidly changing landscape being molded by the pressures of population.

Max Ebb: It's in the Books

The yacht club manager hailed me as I walked passed his office door: "Three more cartons of books for you to sort, Max.”