International Racing
Money can do a lot of things, but it can’t change the weather. Sometimes, though, you have to wonder. The New York SailGP event, held this past weekend on the Hudson off lower Manhattan, managed to find a perfect weather window after a week of heavy rain and fog in the Northeast.
Washing Waxing Varnishing
Westwind Washing, Waxing, Varnishing. Serving the Bay Area for more than 25 years.
Bay Area Maritime History
This month marks the 75th anniversary of one of the most horrendous events of World War II, which occurred right here in the Bay Area.
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Magazine Features: June 2019

Sail GP Flies into San Francisco

Six teams, named for their nations instead of corporate sponsors, and sporting their country colors, descended on San Francisco Bay on May 4-5 to duke it out in foiling 50-ft catamarans.

Oakland Estuary Feeling the Pressure

In late April, about 10 sailboats on the Oakland Estuary were destroyed as part of a state-funded, Bay Area-wide program to remove marine debris. It was the City of Oakland's second cleanup operation over a roughly six-month period.

Webb Chile's Life of Circling the Globe

Webb Chiles made landfall in San Diego on April 29, concluding a 46-day, nonstop passage from Panama — the final leg of a five-year, singlehanded circumnavigation aboard the Moore 24 'Gannet'.

The Great Vallejo Race

On May 4-5, sailors in the greater Bay Area region had to make a choice. Would they sail in the 120th (no, that's not a typo) Great Vallejo Race? Or would they instead go to San Francisco, by land or water, to watch the pros rip around the Cityfront at 40+ knots in the first SailGP event to be held there?

Finding your ‘Window’

Tahuata is the sort of roughly chiseled volcanic isle that fills the dreams of would-be bluewater voyagers the world over when they picture themselves escaping the stresses of mainstream living.

Max Ebb: Newton was Wrong!

I'm not big on crossword puzzles. But at my age I need some sort of mental exercise to fend off age-related dementia, so after considering many options, I settled on my preferred brain-stimulating activity: Tutoring calculus at my local public high school.