Boat-In Dine Outside Dining
The Bay Area is ringed with Boat-In dining locations and many have set up outside, waterfront tables and taken other precautions to help keep you both safe and well-fed.
Hurricane Forecasting Webinars
On July 9 and 10, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) will be hosting their inaugural, live webinars on weather forecasting geared toward blue water mariners. Participation is free and there is space for up to 250 attendees.
Eight Famous Sailors
The National Sailing Hall of Fame will honor the following: James E. Buttersworth, 19th century maritime painter; Sandy Douglass, designer of the Thistle, Highlander and Flying Scot; Robbie Haines…
The Quiet Life in PV
While this is the quiet season in Puerto Vallarta, it doesn't mean Paul Martson of J/World hasn't been busy. He and his wife, Jennifer took on a pandemic project for their 2014 Wharram Tiki 30, Oleaje.
Berkeley Marina
Magazine Features: July 2020

The Perfect Day Sail

There is method to the divine madness of sailing San Francisco Bay. One way to learn it is to throw the sails up and blunder around for about five years until you figure it out.

Wednesdays With Patita

All sailors are familiar with 'Wet Wednesdays' — those mid-week, low-key bashes around the cans after work, followed by refreshments and burgers at the host club.

8 Bells for Island Yacht Club?

Almost everyone at IYC had grown up sailing — and even when economic opportunity served or failed them in adult life, IYC was the club they could afford to actively race in.

Dine-Out Cruising

We're just itching to go cruising, and we'd love to combine this saltwater wanderlust with some fine cuisine when we get where we're going — but we gotta stay local.

Max Ebb: The Sound of Sailing

This was my first attempt at singlehanded spinnaker, and everything was going fine until my first singlehanded spinnaker jibe.

Racing Sheet

Ever since I heard a little ditty of the Canned Heat song, Going up the Country, with lyrics based on the Delta Ditch Run Regatta, I just knew I had to do that regatta.