Scenes from the Regatta
San Francisco's ocean breeze air conditioning system turned on, complete with the return of Karl the Fog and wind gusts of up to 30 knots. On Saturday, the heavy weather precipitated a gravity storm…
The Seminal Cruiser's Rally
It could be you. We’re now up to entry 148, and with the addition of the Hunter Passage 42 Dakota, have two more boys, 11 and 7, in the fleet. 
Shootin' the Breeze
Here are a few happenings — ranging from the newsy to the slightly ancient — from around the Latitude Nation: Labor Day Sub Sighting Sinking In .
By the skin of their teeth
Josh and Christina are OK! Along with the usual conversations and questions at our Crew List Party on September 11 came an unusual one from a number of people: “How are Josh and Christina on Tish?” The reference was to Josh Longbottom and Christina Jeschke.
Magazine Features: September 2019

Pacific Puddle Jump Recap

Sailors all over the world dream of cruising among the ancient, volcano-carved isles of French Polynesia. But the privilege of doing so is a prize that must be earned.

The Foiling Follow-Up

Will the high-performance, high-dollar and high-tech foiling advances pioneered by the America's Cup "trickle down" to the average sailor? Can everyone realize the magic of these modern underwater wings that lift boats out of the sea and make them fly?

Transpac Tales

When Jason Seibert set the ambitious goal of competing in the Transpac aboard his Texas-based Schock 40, he knew he had a long road ahead of him and that the end result would be anything but a foregone conclusion.

Baja Ha-Ha Profiles

Boats all over the West Coast are starting to congregate, as if hearing the siren call of the seasons, in all directions leading south. Preparations are being made, boats are being stocked, costumes are being contemplated, and people are scrambling to find crew.

Max Ebb: Eye of the Beholder

I was back early with my crew that day. The wind had been up, the course was not too long, and we had finished the day of racing with hours to spare for post-race socializing. And the classic yacht sailing into the harbor was pretty enough to catch our eyes and quickly turn the conversation.