It is a mnemonic that, once known, is impossible to forget. It is the simple expression of an important navigational concept: Red, right, returning.
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As far as the Coast Guard is concerned, as long as there are active shelter-in-home orders in place, marine event permits are nullified.
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The complete Northern California racing guide including currents, courses, contacts and PHRF application. Pick up your copy from a local distributor, read it online, or download the PDF.

Magazine Features: March 2020

Youth Sailing

We remember our junior sailing days with warm, fuzzy nostalgia. It was the smell of sun-baked wood, sunscreen and BBQs, and long summer days filled with sailing, swimming and friends.

Yard Work

Joshua Slocum's Sailing Alone Around the World begins with the author rebuilding the Spray, an old pile of timber, into the first boat to be singlehanded around the world. Slocum had a general 'do it yourself' mentality.

The Dumbest Thing I Did

Custom-built in New Zealand by the original owner, Aura is a round-bilge, 46-ft steel ketch. In the seven years we sailed around Central and South America, we found her responsive, safe, fast and comfortable to live aboard.

Foggy Notions of Three Bridges

When vision is impaired, other senses become more acute. On January 25, a low, dense fog obscured San Francisco Bay, and the single- and doublehanders in the Three Bridge Fiasco found themselves tuning in to the sounds around them.

Eye on the Bay

We would say that spring is on the verge of, well, springing, here in the Bay Area, but February felt more like summer. The only time it wasn't windy, as fate would have it, was during a few races.

Max Ebb: Wake Art

I was studying a watercolor of a kayak paddling up a marina fairway. Looking closer at the kayak in the painting, I wondered if it could be the one that Lee Helm often borrows from the local outrigger club.