A Watery Weekend
The Broderick grandsons, last seen 'sailing' Grandpa’s Voyager 14 in the driveway, took to the real water Memorial Day Sunday in Grandpa’s Wyliecat 30 Nancy.
Your Video Adrenaline Moment
Kaneohe Yacht Club's Junior Program is an advanced, high-tech sailing laboratory where junior sailors learn the latest techniques. Here we see a group of them absolutely sending it in their O'Pen Skiffs.
Sailing from Home
Sailors in Second Life (SL) are inviting wet-water enthusiasts from around the world to join them for the most realistic and satisfying sailing experience available online.
Magazine Features: May 2020

Master Mariners 2020 — Regatta Non Grata

Along with just about every other event ashore or afloat these days, the 2020 Master Mariners Regatta, scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Riley Gibbs – Foiling Full Speed Ahead

Having fully embraced a need for speed and Bill Lee's well-known expression, "Fast is Fun," one of America's most competitive racers, Riley Gibbs, faces a world that has slowed to a virtual standstill.

A Cinderella Story - Repowering With Renewable Energy

A friend asked me to come look at an old Ericson 35-2 he was considering buying. She was listed as a "spartan racer/cruiser." The description could not have been more accurate.

Islander 36 – Living the (Cruising) Life at 50

This is Part 2 of our feature celebrating the Islander 36's 50th anniversary. Find Part 1, about the history of the Islander 36 and racing the boats, in the April 2020 issue of Latitude 38.

Max Ebb – Graveyard Shift

One would think that ocean race navigation has become much easier in the last couple of decades.

The Racing Sheet

What do you put in Racing Sheet when there's been no actual racing? Here's what: Spinning and Drifting into the Bay Area; Beer Can Zooming with RYC; and Santa Cruz YC Checks In.