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Higher Costs for Boaters
The State of California has suggested a 250% increase in vessel registration fees in its 2021-22 budget. This would represent an increase in fees from $20 every other year to $70, and would take effect on July 1.
March Boat of the Month
According to a 1966 Columbia brochure, the boats produced from this hybrid mold were "the most sophisticated racing yachts in this country, at less than one-half of what an 'Open 5.5' would cost."
Ebb and Flow in the Atlantic
According to a New York 'Times' article, Benjamin Franklin was the first to map the Gulf Stream during a trans-Atlantic crossing in the 1700s.
Women Solo Circumnavigators
Female sailors Clarisse Cremer, Pip Hare, Melinda Merron and Alexia Barrier finished the solo Vendée Globe in February. Sam Davies and Isabelle Joschke completed the course around the world.
Berkeley Marina
Magazine Features: March 2021

Summer Youth Sailing

Summer is coming — and the Bay is waiting for your kids! Whether you live in the North Bay, or right on the water in Alameda County, summer youth sailing is at the heart of Bay Area sailing.

Yard Work —Pandemic Edition

Have you had more time on your hands this past year, and spent more time working on your boat? We'd usually spend our weekdays engaged in gainful employment and weekends sailing with friends.

Boat of the Month – Columbia 5.5

I remember the first time I laid my eyes on a Columbia 5.5. A friend had called me over to see his new toy at Alameda Marina.

The Outside Route —a Better Way to Bash

Springtime, when flowers bloom, young hearts look for love — and tropical cruisers start thinking about what to do with their boats. For many, it's time to bid adios to mañanaland and head home before hurricane season starts on June 1. S

Three Bridge Fiasco —Only the Lonely

The race started on a flood, switching to a big ebb in the afternoon. The flood current at the start was so strong that a few competitors coming from the east or south had to call in to say they couldn't get to the starting line. The wind stayed light until a westerly finally filled in around 3 p.m.

Max Ebb – The One-Hour Noodle Schooner

It was a very odd piece of flotsam, and it was headed right for my boat. A lost pool noodle? An advertising sign that had washed into the Bay? No, this thing was sailing, and it was steady on course.
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