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Sailing is awesome.

For more than 40 years Latitude 38 has covered the world of sailing through the eyes of the West Coast sailor. We’ve provided sailors the connections, stories and inspiration from our sailing community, and kept you informed by reporting the good news and bad news, insights, entertainment, fun activities and antics from sailors near and far.

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'Lectronic Latitude

San Mateo County Health

Learn How Your Actions Can Protect Our Bay, Ocean and Wildlife

Environmental Health Services works to ensure a safe and healthy environment in San Mateo County through education, regulation, and monitoring.

Looking for the Lost Bear Boat ‘Nanook’ 

After reading about Bear Boats in a recent issue of ‘Latitude 38,’ Geoff Capell sent us a letter outlining the history of, and his search for, ‘Nanook.’

St Francis YC Cornerstone Cup

Roving Reporter Larry Haynie at the Royal Yacht Squadron’s Cornerstone Cup

As Larry reports, the yacht clubs across the pond are full of pomp and circumstance with many club members sporting blazers, white slacks and officers’ caps, and every event capped with tea.

Lively Return for Long Beach Race Week

Conditions were everything sailors had dreamed of and hoped for during the three-year wait for the return of Ullman Sails Long Beach Race Week.

Costa Palmas

Ownership Opportunities on the Sea of Cortez

Meet the worldly, Casa Blake, a new ownership opportunity in the heart of the Costa Palmas Marina Village.