November 2004

November 29

Photos of the Day
She's Off!
Only for Good Causes
365-Day Yacht Clubs
Detained at a Mexican Prison
Banderas Bay Is Booming

November 24

Photos of the Day
$5 Million Spent
Why Sailors Prefer a Fair Wind
The Men and Women in Iraq
Classy Classified

November 22

Photos of the Day
Cayard Talks to Chronicle
Joyon Just Misses
ARC Starts from Las Palmas

November 19

Photos of the Day
Start Me Up (Again)
No Reunion Until October
Investigation Complete
Big Sail

November 17

Photos of the Day
Tough Times for Schwab
Cruising Season Opens
New Speed Record
What I Learned on the Ha-Ha

November 15

Photos of the Day
The Cat's Meow Relaunched
Fresh Fish!
You Lost the Keys?!
Ha-Ha Preview at Catalina

November 12

Photo of the Day
Restricted to Sailing on Rivers
No Cha Cha in Cabo
Joyon in Search of Record
Tall Ship Semester for Girls

November 10

Seaweed Soup Saturday
Baja Ha-Ha XI Wraps Up

Vendée Globe
Canal Anniversary

Wind Generators Sighted

November 8

Vendée Globe
Blown Away

November 5

Fun with the Fleet
Morocco and Canary Islands
Affluent Americans Afloat
Most Requested Reprint
Santa Cruz Replacing Ramp

November 3

Baja Ha-Ha Begins Final Leg
More on A-Cup Boat Grounding
Vendée Globe Gates
Great Great Pumpkin Party

November 1

Baja Ha-Ha Fleet in BSM
Turtle Bay
Light Air Great Pumpkin
Cuba Race Case Dismissed
Dawn Wilson Update
Singlehander Bails Out
Cast Your Vote

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