West Coastal Cruise Weather Planning, Part 2

On Friday, Mitchell Andrus asked Latitude Nation what forecasting tools they used to plan a coastal cruise. As he and his partner and first mate Quincey Cummings were in Santa Barbara and planning their trip north, back to the Bay, Mitchell found a coupon for 15 days of premium service from Weather Routing Incorporated, or WRI.   More »

Checking in with the Baja Ha-Ha in Mexico

We just — and we mean just — got a call from the Grand Poobah in Bahía Santa Maria giving us a little Baja Ha-Ha update. “Right now we have about 121 boats and 461 people; the first leg started sunny and beautiful and then got cold and sprinkle-y, which is unusual this time of year.” Despite the clouds, the Poobah said that the sailing has been magnificent, especially when compared to last year’s sunny but largely windless Ha-Ha. More »
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The Baja Ha-Ha Is Off and Cruising to Mexico

Aaaaaannnnnnnnd they’re off. A herd of happy cruisers sailed out of San Diego Bay this morning to the sound of a mariachi band, the blasting of starter-shotguns, and the bursting of fire hoses. More »
Napa River view

A Raid on Vallejo and Napa

They raid in France, Sweden and Great Britain, so why not here? A raid is an organized rally in small boats that can paddle, sail or row in shallow water with overnights in towns, beaches or campgrounds.
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Mark Zuckerberg Plans Open-Ended Cruise in Mexico

Word from a local boatyard operator is that, after 15 years of running the social media giant Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg — who it turns out is a local sailor — has decided to take up cruising just “to get away from it all.” Reportedly, the goal is to keep things simple. More »

Pacific Puddle Jump Signups Begin

The dream of cruising the South Pacific is high on the ‘must-do-someday’ list of sailors all over the world. For well over two decades the annual Pacific Puddle Jump rally has helped fulfill those dreams.
Two humpbacks lunge feeding

A Warning to Southbound Sailors

Crews heading south to Mexico this winter who’ve upgraded their nav stations with AIS and digital radar will probably feel safer than ever. But there’s one type of offshore obstacle that doesn’t subscribe to AIS and rarely if ever shows up on radar.
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