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Sailors Attract Sailors — Sometimes in Unexpected Places

While walking in Arizona, Pat McIntosh spotted a sailing dingy tied to a car roof. “Who's got the car with the sailboat on top out here?” All the RV’ers looked at me as if they had never heard of a sailboat before.

Should I Sail Away? What Would You Do?

Sailors often ponder the question of whether to stay put, or sail away. Some know the answer before the question even arises, while others take time to deliberate. What would you do?

Cruise-in-week Fiesta de Veleros

Festival de Veleros in Barra de Navidad Is on for February 21-27

While the word cruising suggests lounging on the aft deck or reading a book in a hammock, Fiesta de Veleros continues a long tradition of cruisers who appreciate the hospitality of the local Mexican community and give thanks by giving back.

By Sea or by Land, Sailboats Are Meant to Keep Moving

How many sailors have, or will at sometime move their boat across the land? Sailboats need to keep moving lest they become just one more among the many neglected or abandoned sailboats left to rot in some faraway yard.