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girls in Cabo San Lucas

Checking into Mexico in Cabo San Lucas

A lot of sailors are under the impression that checking into Mexico in Cabo San Lucas is impossible or difficult. There are a few changes in the procedure for checking in there.
David wearing the shirt while motoring a dinghy

Maryland Is for Crabs

When David came out dressed for his morning run, I noticed his shirt selection right away and asked, “Do you remember where you got that shirt?” He didn’t.
Catching fish during Nada Ha-Ha

Nada Ha-Ha or Panama Posse: Mexico Is Calling

“Light air, heavy air, clouds, sun and tons of fun." This is how Nada Ha-Ha organizer Patsy Verhoeven described the 750-mile passage from San Diego to the tip of the Baja Peninsula.
Hyacinth Parade watercolor

An Enjoyable Delta Cruise in October

My husband and I and our son enjoyed our own Delta Doo Dah the first week in October. We first sailed to the Delta 40 years ago and have done many summer trips through the years.