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July 2006

July 31

Photo: Going, Going, Gone
Whirlwind Circumnavigators
Hope We Didn't Fool You
All Rigged, But No Wind To Blow

 July 28

August Issue Delivery Today
More on Janice of Wyoming
Cowes Regatta since 1826
Ha-Ha in London
Irving Johnson Looking Good

July 26

News Flash: PacCup Boat Sinks
Photo of the Day

George Washington Slept Here
It's a Bird, It's a . . .
Sticky Fingers in Polynesia
The Answer is $70 Billion!

July 24

Photos of the Day
The Caribbean in the Summer
Mid-Atlantic Bike Riding
Kind of Looks Like the Titanic

July 21

Photos of the Day
Birdle, the New Cruisers' Word
Bay Racing on TV Today
Pacific Cup Wrap-up

July 20

Special Edition: Casting Call

July 19

Photo of the Day
Going to the Source
Ad: Two Harbors, Catalina
Incompetent, Ineffectual, Inept
Last Boats Finish SSS T-Pac
Get Your Pack in San Diego

July 17

PICYA Championships
Vintage Fleet Competes
Viveka and Janice
Hawaii Races Wind Down
Commodore on the Dark Side

July 14

Photos of the Day: Mayor's Cup
Collision Course
Puddle Jumpers Do Tahiti Cup
A Million Miles of Racing
Barometers not Allowed

July 12

Photos of the Day
Moonlight Marathon
Peregrine Migrates Home
Hawaii Updates
It's Down to 30 for Morning Light

July 10

Singlehanders Trickle In
Mercuries and 'Meters
Feathered Crew
Lots More Baja Ha-Ha Entries
Free Online Chart Viewer

July 7

All Entries Start Pacific Cup
Wind-Challenged Pacific
Ad: 33-ft Schumacher Cruiser
Atlantic Record

July 5

Pacific Cup Gets Underway
Singlehanders Find Wind
Former Photoboat Available
Optis Battle for Top Spot
Go Figure
Orange Tears Across Atlantic

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