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Repair & Maintenance

EWOL Propellers — Setting the Pitch

EWOL propellers make maneuvering easier (reduce inertia), and increase sail speed and optimize engine speed.

Dodgers and Biminis of Every Kind from Pacific Crest Canvas

Our employees have over 50 years combined experience in their fields of focus, and strive to create the finest marine canvas available.

Keep the Stern Light in Sight

It came to my attention that the pushpit mounted propane tank obstructed the stern light's visibility. I decided a redesign was in order.

Westwind Boat Detailing Offers Washing, Waxing and Varnishing

Washing, waxing, varnishing. Serving the entire Bay Area for more than 30 years. “Everything looks great! It was a huge relief."

By Sea or by Land, Sailboats Are Meant to Keep Moving

How many sailors have, or will at sometime move their boat across the land? Sailboats need to keep moving lest they become just one more among the many neglected or abandoned sailboats left to rot in some faraway yard.

Beagle Channel

Singlehanded Sailor Whitall Stokes Departs Chile

The quest of a sailing record for Californian Whitall Stokes and his Open 50 Sparrow may be history, but they still have to get home. Whitall checked in with stories about the many repairs needed and the final countdown to departure from Puerto Williams, Chile.

KKMI: Join Our Team

Are you an experienced rigger? Contact KKMI for an immediate start.