June 30, 2000
Photo of the Day
Weather Update
Baja Ha-Ha Update
Victoria to Maui Update
SSS TransPac Update

 June 29, 2000
Photo of the Day
Weather Update
Cheap Itinerary Advice
Victoria to Maui Race
SSS TransPac Update

 June 28, 2000
Pacific Ocean Weather
Ambon Race Is Cancelled
SSS TransPac Update

June 27, 2000
Pacific Ocean Weather
SSS TransPac Update
Catnip Cup Gallery

June 26, 2000
Singlehanded TransPac
Coastal Cup
Tropical Storm Update

June 22, 2000
High Tech Ha-Ha?
Different Boats, Different Motion
San Franciscan Wins at Block Island

 June 21, 2000
Yacht Harbors of the World
Silvestri in the Olympics
McCaw's In
Singlehanded TransPac Starts Saturday

 June 20, 2000
Puddle Jump Class of 2000
The Heck with 'Where's Waldo'
Just for Fun Photo
'Sagamore' Gets by 'Sayonara'
Jourdain and Golding Finish New Man

 June 19, 2000
Cruiser Murdered in Rio Dulce
Storm Update
Ellen MacArthur Takes New Man
'Club Med' Walks Off with Record
Cruising the Med

 June 16, 2000
Yachts and Pirates
The Beauty of the Pacific
Joyon Finishes First
'ClubMed' Certain to Smash Record

 June 15, 2000
Who Is Craig McCaw?
Marina of the Week
The Questions You Ask
Ellen MacArthur Leads New Man
'ClubMed' Holds Lead on Record

 June 14, 2000
New Singlehanded Trimaran Record
Cruising Beauty
First Catnip Cup
'ClubMed' Ahead of 'Jet Services V' Record

 June 13, 2000
Baja Ha-Ha Notice of Rally
Cruisers Rediscover the Forgotten Middle
After the Rescue
Women Lead New Man
Club Med Atlantic Record Attempt

 June 12, 2000
New Ocean Speed Record
New Wrong Way Around Record
Team Madro to the Olympics in Solings
Woman Still atop New Man

 June 9, 2000
Marina of the Week
Keeping It Clean
Woman on Top of New Man
Maxi Cat Averaging 17 Knots Across Atlantic

  June 7, 2000
Burgess drops out of Europe 1 New Man Star
Race Around Isle of Wight to Start Saturday
'Club Med' Starts Across the Atlantic

June 6, 2000
Pacific Cup Update  

 June 5, 2000
News from The Race
Spectacular Caribbean Sailing Photography
A Photo is Worth 1,000 Words
'Latitude' Spotted on North Island
Balboa Yacht Club Still Toast

 June 4, 2000
Six Americans Enter Europe 1 New Man Star  

 June 1, 2000
Club Med Catamaran to Quality for The Race
ARC 2000 to Eclipse Last Year's Fleet

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