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April 2006

April 28

Photos of the Day
Geronimo Smashes Record
Lange Lives Through Leg 1
Opening Day on the Bay
Whale of a Tale
Ensenada Invasion Begins

April 26

Prep for the Vallejo Race
Darwin's Law Circumvented
Ericsson Mixes It Up
Brunel Is Back in the Game
Reward for Recovery of Great Fun II

April 24

Mark Saunders Dies in Grounding
No More 500-Mile Days
597 Miles in 24 Hours

April 21

Photos of the Day
Sailor Killed at Mag Bay
Baja Ha-Ha Reunion Tonight
Geronimo on a Tear
Things Are Going Great

April 19

Strictly Sail Pacific Opens
Rites of Spring
New Pier at Two Harbors
A Little Rough Out
Herb McCormick Joins Latitude
John Arndt New Associate Publisher

April 17

Photos of the Day
Unattended and Uncared for Boats
Geronimo Averaging Nearly 500 Miles
Yani of Puerto Vallarta
Gavin Brady Wins Congo Cup
ABN Amro One About to Win Leg
Need Sea Time?

April 14

Photo of the Day
Excitement at Latitude 38
Geronimo Picking Up Speed

 April 12

Photo of the Day: Geronimo
Singlehanded Farallones
Aero California Shut Down

Oliver Johnson Dies

April 10

Photos of the Day: Geronimo
Thanks for the Contributions

April 7

Photos of the Day
Eclipse Found Mid-Pacific
Eight Bells: Bill Lapworth
Geronimo Heads for SF
Death from the Ala Wai?
Puddle Jumper Dismasted

April 5

Crew Party Tonight
Photo of the Day: Banderas Bay
St. Francis Spring Keel Regatta
Thanks to SB Harbor Patrol
SF Bay CG Rescue
Panama Canal to Add Lane

 April 3

Wheeler Regatta
Farallones Course Chosen
Volvo Boats Depart Rio
Edwards to Sue Qatar
Puddle Jumpers Leaving

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