Latitude 38 Magazine

The San Francisco Science and Sailing Center

In the ‘old days’, a lot of deals were formed in secretive, smoke-filled rooms. In the case of the just-announced San Francisco Science and Sailing Center, the great outdoors was smoke- filled and the organizers presented their plan in the clean air of the brightly lit SFMOMA Gallery in the Fort Mason Center overlooking the Bay. More »

New Latitude Still on Newsprint

Mark from Rubicon Yachts said a customer came in and told him that the October issue was the last month for the printed edition of Latitude 38, and that Latitude was going entirely online. More »

The Latitudes Are on the Pumpkin

The frost may not be on the pumpkin here in the Bay Area, but the October Latitudes are. The October Latitude 38 joins the pumpkin harvest at the Whole Foods stores in Mill Valley (yes, we have two). More »

September Weekend Digital Detox

Ready to unplug for the weekend?  The new Latitude 38 is out just in time for a weekend digital detox and a sunny holiday weekend of sailing. If you were up as early as our delivery drivers, you might have been able to close the laptop and have your breakfast with the September Latitude. More »

I Need a New Latitude

Do you have the midsummer reading blues? Have you devoured all the novels you’d been saving since winter for those lazy summer days when you were on the hook and able to kick back with some serious reading material? More »

June Issue Out Today!

The new issue of Latitude 38 was put on the trucks this morning and is being delivered around the Bay Area and up and down the West Coast to our ‘exclusive’ list of distributors. More »

The April Issue. More than Meets the Eye

Spring is here and the April issue is out just in time for Easter sailing or a boat project weekend. When you stop by your harbormaster’s office, chandler or other waterfront establishment to pick up your April issue, you’ll actually get two magazines in one. More »

Any Special Chartering Memories?

Years ago, when we gave our two boys and their male cousins permission to explore this cove in BC’s Desolation Sound, we had no idea they would scare the wits out of us by jumping off a 50-ft cliff. More »

Another T-shirt Winner

Kevin Connolly came to the Bay Area in 1978 and is a seasoned sailor. He’s owned a couple of boats, his first being a Nonsuch 30 named Cariboo (though technically he owned a Hobie Cat before that). More »