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Latitude 38 Magazine
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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Our Shelter-in-Place special is back for the winter. Get Latitude 38 delivered to your home for January, February and March, and sip on whatever you like.
View from the mast

Sailing Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

The Sunday before we were set to fly to Greece, we were banned from entering the EU. By some miracle, we were able to charter a yacht in Turkey.
Dominic Marchal Marchal Sailmakers

On the Alert for Sonic Death Monkey

With thousands of boats racing, cruising and daysailing between the Delta, San Francisco Bay, Mexico and the South Pacific, the odds seem small that your boat will end up on the cover.
Euphoria's clean transom

Euphoria and Electric Propulsion

With a diesel engine that was not only unreliable but leaked and stank, David faced an expensive and lengthy rebuild or re-power.
november cover

November Magazine Out Today

We've put together a fun- and fact-filled issue of Latitude 38 magazine to see you through the next 30 (+ 1) days. Here's a preview . . .
Ma ebb Calibrates

When You Can’t Find Your Tide Book

I can make a good rough guess by the angle of the gangway, and by looking at the dryness or dampness of the rocks I can usually tell if the tide is going up or down. But it's a crude estimate...

What? Another Golden Ticket Winner?

Christopher picked up his Golden Ticket at the Coyote Point Marina office while preparing to untie the docklines for a weekend of sailing.