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Super Moon

An Equinox for Lunatics

Today is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, and, for most, the start of the peak sailing season. It's the day the sun crosses the equator from the Southern Hemisphere to the North just as members of the Pacific Puddle Jump fleet are doing the opposite — they are heading north to south.

I’ll take Maritime Miscellaneous, Alex

Like most sailors, our maritime interests extend beyond sailing. And that news cycle has been eclectic lately. Here are just a few of the odd things that we’ve read about in the last few weeks…

Jeanne Socrates Is Halfway Around

Jeanne Socrates is 160 days into her attempt to become the oldest person to sail nonstop and alone around the world. As it turns out, 160 days is the halfway point.
MPYC RC boats

Racer Perishes in Monterey Sunset Series

"During the Wednesday evening race, on his Moore 24, Morpheus, Rick Srigley and crew encountered heavy weather. Rick was washed overboard off the transom. His crew attempted to recover him while calling the Coast Guard."

Stanford Sailing Coach Implicated in Scandal

The head coach of Stanford University’s prestigious sailing team was indicted yesterday for accepting bribes to recruit students. John Nicholas Vandemoer pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering. More »
Drinking water

Hidden Boat Maintenance Issues

Do you know boatyard discharge has to be cleaner than drinking water? The water coming out of the hose going into the Bay is illegal. The same water from the same tap going into our water bottle is deemed safe for human consumption.
One and All in the trough of a wave

Third Finisher in Golden Globe

Uku Randmaa crossed the finish line at 9 a.m. UTC yesterday in the Golden Globe Race. Thousands of spectators lined the river entrance to welcome the 56-year-old Estonian solo circumnavigator.
Painting of tall ship with all sails set

Have You Seen This Painting?

"A painting was stolen from the hallway at 125 Park Place in Point Richmond where I have my frame shop," says Pam Delaney, the daughter of artist Jim DeWitt.
Cowles girls sailing the 470

Rolex Yachtspeople of the Year

On the last day of February, US Sailing returned to the St. Francis Yacht Club to present the awards for 2018 Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman (actually women) of the Year. Among sailing luminaries spotted in the crowd…
CentoMiglia and Chance racing in ORR

All About ORR

This Wednesday evening, the St. Francis Yacht Club will offer a free seminar, Understanding ORR & ORR-EZ Rating Rules.