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Patagonia Hosts Crew of ‘Hōkūleʻa’

Held together by six miles of rope with no nuts, no bolts, and no screws, the Hōkūleʻa‘ is an oceangoing canoe tethered together by trust, tradition, and Polynesian culture. Several of the crew who arrived in San Francisco on September 24 assembled Wednesday night at a San Francisco Patagonia retail store to share stories about their experience as navigators with the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) and raise funds for their community at home in Hawaii, rebuilding after the fires. More »

The Enduring Unpopularity of the Proposed S.F. Marina Expansion

the City of San Francisco and Pacific Gas & Electric finally agreed to a nearly $190 million settlement in 2021 where the utility company was obliged to clean up toxic waste in S.F. Marina's East Harbor, PG&E has been working with the S.F. Recreation and Park Department on plans for a new public marina.

As Piracy on the Estuary Continues, Coast Guard Announces Patrols

After nearly a month of lawlessness and what liveaboard residents have described as a state of perpetual fear and anxiety, the Coast Guard announced this week that they will begin patrolling the Oakland Estuary to combat a recent outbreak of piracy.