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August 2006

Special Edition!
August 30

StFYC to Host World Match Race
Typhoons and Hurricanes

August 30

SoCal Racing Fun
A Great Accomplishment
Leukemia Cup Comes to Bay
Turkish Coast Bombed

August 28

Catalina to Newport Record
Ronstan Bridge to Bridge
Italian Sets New Record

August 25

Photo of the Day
Skiffs Shred the Bay
The Warm and Slow Route
"Dude, Where's My Anchor?"

August 23

18-ft Skiffs
Why Leave Paradise?
A Tale of Two Cities
What Do Women Want?

August 21

Photo of the Day
505 North Americans
I'd Like One Visa Please
Summer Keel Act 2
Baja Ha-Ha Deadline

August 18

More Like a Pirate than Ever
Holy Biodiesel, Batman!
505 NAs Kick It Up

August 16

505 NAs Begin Today
Disney to Charter Pyewacket?
Say Good Race, Gracie
Tale of a Fateful Trip
Don't Read this while Eating

August 14

Photos of the Day
Getting into the Act

The Need for Speed
Beth Leonard to Speak in SF
Alternative-Fuel Power Boat

August 11

Photos of the Day: McNish
La Vie's Arrival at Ua Poa
Sailing on the Bay
15 Sailors to Train for Film
Miami Race Week Changes Format

August 9

Photos of the Day
Hobie 17 NAs
Ad: Job Opportunity
Not the Year for King Harbor
Wylie Wabbit Nationals

August 7

Sunny Day on the Circle
Aldo Alessio
Former Photoboat Available
Car Carrier Disabled off Aleutians
A Passel of Cruising Kids

August 4

Photo of the Day: Maltese Falcon
Hurricane Chris & Hurricane Forecast
Classy Classified: Rafiki 37
Whale-Strike of Mureadritta's XL
Charges Against Accused Murderer

 August 2

Photo of the Day: Hovercraft
'TransPac Row' to be Ready
Right Here on the Bay?
Ad: Two Harbors, Catalina
Ha-Ha Preview on Catalina Aug. 12
Third Place in Sausalito Beer Can
Irish Lady Loses Rudder on Return
Roger Sturgeon to Build STP 65

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