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Boat in dining

Looking for a place to go this weekend?

* = Private dock

! = Watch your depth!

B = Breakfast

Br = Weekend Brunch

L = Lunch

D = Dinner

We've assembled a list of great Bay Area restaurants you can sail in to! In the tabs to the right is the most ‘comprehensive' collection of Bay Area dining/drinking destinations easily reachable from Bay Area anchorages or marinas. If we’ve missed someone or the list needs correction, email us.

Sam's Cafe, one of the best known and most notorious destinations on the Bay. Don’t pull in too close - you’ll be aground at low tide. 

How these places qualified: The eatery in question must be within three blocks or so of a public dock, marina or yacht club. As a result, we were forced to omit several worthy destinations: Sausalito's Caledonia Street, all of Napa and, of course, hundreds of spots in the City, including the Marina District.

The tour starts in Sausalito and works its way clockwise as far as Antioch, then down to Richmond and on to the Estuary before heading to the South Bay and finally the Cityfront.

The first listings under an area heading are restaurants with private docks (labeled with an asterisk).

Docks are often on a first-come-first-served basis. Many will allow you to spend the night if you've enjoyed a few too many libations at dinner or if you plan to go up for brunch, but it's best to ask first. If shallow depths have been reported, the listing is noted with an exclamation point!

Next, you'll find the restaurants organized by proximity to any given public marina or yacht club (contact info is provided to make berthing arrangements). Our readers' recommendations head the list, followed by other eateries in the area. Each listing gives the type of food they specialize in, contact info, which meals they serve, and a price range provided by— $=cheap; $$=moderate; $$$=spendy; $$$$=splurge.

This list is far from comprehensive, so there are a few things to keep in mind when referring to it:

  • Just because a restaurant made the list doesn't guarantee you'll like it; conversely, if a restaurant isn't listed, that doesn't mean it's not great. Let us know!
  • Price ranges and menu specialties are often subjective.
  • Just because a listing isn't noted as shallow doesn't mean you won't run aground — always watch your depth sounder when entering an unfamiliar dock.
  • Many establishments also offer entertainment so be sure to check their websites for upcoming events.
  • Yacht club dinners are often open to the public — check their websites.
  • If there's anything better than having someone cook for you, it's having them do the dishes, too. latitude/ladonna

For our section on Delta Dining, go to

Our first article on the many great Bay Area waterfront destination dining locations was written by LaDonna Bubak in the April 2011 edition.


The Trident* - Seafood (Br,L,D) $$
588 Bridgeway
(415) 331-3232

Sausalito YC* - (Br, L,D)
100 Humboldt Ave
(415) 332-7400

Scoma's - Seafood (L,D) $$$
588 Bridgeway
(415) 332-9551

Spinnaker - Seafood (Br,L,D) $$$
100 Spinnaker Dr
(415) 332-1500

Angelino - Italian (L,D) $$
621 Bridgeway
(415) 331-5225

Napa Valley Burger Company (B,L) $$
670 Bridgeway
(415) 332-1454

Poggio - Italian (L,D) $$$
777 Bridgeway
(415) 332-7771

Sausalito Yacht Harbor
501 Humboldt Ave
(415) 332-5000

Taste of Rome - Cafe (B,L,D) $$
1000 Bridgeway
(415) 332-7660

Thai Terrace - Thai (L,D) $
1001 Bridgeway, Suite B1
(415) 331-8007

Salito's Crab House & Prime Rib- Seafood (L,D) $$
1200 Bridgeway
(415) 331-3226

Cibo - Cafe (B,L,D) $$
1201 Bridgeway
(415) 331-2426

Clipper Yacht Harbor
351 Harbor Dr
(415) 332-3500

Fish - Seafood (L,D) $$
350 Harbor Dr
(415) 331-3474

Sea Horse - Italian (L,D) $$
305 Harbor Dr
(415) 331-2899

Anchorage 5 - Mexican/American (B,L) $$
475 Gate 5 Rd
(415) 331-8329

Schoonmaker Point Marina
85 Liberty Ship Way
(415) 331-5550

Le Garage - French (Br,L,D) $$$
85 Liberty Ship Way
(415) 332-5625

Seafood Peddler - Seafood (L,D) $$
303 Johnson St
(415) 332-1492

Saylors - American/Mexican (L,D) $$
2009 Bridgeway
(415) 332-1512

Fred's Place - Cafe (B,L) $$
1917 Bridgeway
(415) 332-4575


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South Bay
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