September 2006

September 29

Delivery Day for Latitude 38
They Have Another Boat too
16th Annual Racer-Chaser
A Passel of Nationals
Mystery Photo Solved!
Correction to a Correction

September 27

Photos of the Day
Geja Has Been Sold
16th Annual Racer-Chaser
Board Balclutha for Free
22 Youngsters to Ha-Ha
Crew List Party Next Week

September 25

Big Blow on Tahoe
Did You Smuggle Pot?
16th Annual Racer-Chaser
536 Feet in Two-Boat Race
Women's Sailing Seminar

September 20

Photos of the Day
Sodaro Wins Adams Cup
Ad: SSB/Ham Radio
Pusser's Rum at Ha-Ha
50 Miles Was Close Enough

September 18

Rolex Big Boat Series
Lane Soaks Mazatlan
What Taxes Are Due?
Dad Goes Out on a Limb
Barient Parts Still Available

September 15

Rolex Big Boat Series
Used Sailboat of the Day
16th Annual Racer Chaser
Hurricane Lane Heads to Baja
Ha-Ha Entries Top 170
'Falcon Wins Perini Cup

September 13

Photo of the Day
Endeavour Finally Sold
Ha-Ha Entries to Set Record
Big Boat Series Memories

September 11

Photo of the Day
Island Tour
And She Said Yes!
Where Is This Anchorage?
Ones Who Touched Our Lives
St. Francis Big Boat Series

 September 8

Photo of the Day
John More Destructive
Ad: OPM in Tahiti
Prosecuters Seek Death
Grisly Windjammers Victory
September's Free & Ready
Mystery Spot Photo

September 6

Photos of the Day
Jazzin' It Up to Benicia
Ad: Two Harbors, Catalina
John Turned Out Gentle
17 More Ha-Ha Entries
Free for One More Month

 September 1

Photo of the Day
The Best Day and Worst Night
John Bears Down on Baja
Ha-Ha & Crew List Deadlines

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