June 2004

June 30

Photos of the Day: Pacific Cup
Yachtie Murdered in Venezuela
Stella Rosa Overdue in Tonga
Singlehanded TransPac
Watch Out for Booby-Traps
MacArthur Comes Up Short

June 28

Photos of the Day: SSS TransPac
Pacific Cup Starts Today
Dawn Wilson to Return to U.S.
Somebody Will Build One Bigger
Tripui Trailerpark Burns Down
Drug Withdrawal Drama
Nip and Tuck for Ellen MacArthur
BMW Oracle Drubs Alinghi
Baja Ha-Ha Count

June 25

Photo of the Day: SSS TransPac
Swan 57 Lost South of Pt. Sur
Disrespectful Idiots
Wooden Boat Show
Banner Day for BMW Oracle
Woodies Invitational

June 23

Photos of the Day: East Africa
Not Your Father's A-Cup
Socialists Support Sailing
Rosebud Kicks Butt
Summer Sailstice

June 21

Photos of the Day: UBS Cup
Morning Glory Set Record
Who Stole Kevin's Boat?

June 18

Photos of the Day
"Several More Shots Fired"
Oh No, Not Another Mast!
Bermuda Race
Summer Sailstice

June 16

Photos of the Day: Catnip Cup
Sit Down, Mexico Lovers
Mother Needs Help on Boat
Coastal Cup Recap
Captain Ron
His Own Private Island

June 14

Photos of the Day: In-the-Bay Race
Arab Airline to Support Kiwi Team
GPS to Be Jammed
Surge in Interest in Ha-Ha
Golding Sets Transat Record
Dawn Wilson Needs Your Help!
Float Plane Rules of the Road
Dona Lee Robbed in Colombia

June 11

Photos of the Day: Float Planes
Costa Baja Marina Pre-Leasing
Nobody Sinking Boats in Bay
Catnip Cup this Weekend
Coastal Cup
Tax Loopholes Front Page News
Shared Expenses Profligate Trips

 June 9

Photo of the Day: Transat
Is Somebody Sinking Boats?
Baja Ha-Ha Entry Packets
Pt. Conception Was Calm
Making A-Cup More TV Friendly
Genuine Risk in San Diego

June 7

Photos of the Day
Delta Ditch Run
San Francisco Cup
Stamm Loses Keel in Transat
A Rudder for Disabled Sailors
The Importance of Scenic Views
Easom to Speak at CYC

June 4

Photo of the Day
96-Hour Notice Required
Moonshadow to Continue On
Good Weekend for Sailing
Good News on Cat's Meow
California Coastal Dreaming

June 2

Photos of the Day: Master Mariners
Spinnaker Cup
Tom Kulinski Killed in Car Accident
Cruising Alaska
Profligate's Regress Complete
The Transat Begins

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