October 2005

October 31

Photos of the Day
A Great Great Pumpkin
Happy Halloween!
Coast Guard Licensing in Sausalito

October 28

Ha-Ha Boats Save on Fuel
Governor Invites Ha-Ha to La Paz
Anchoring Regs in Los Frailes
Coast of Mexico on a Boom
Ft. Lauderdale Show Back On
West Marine Ha-Ha Special

October 26

Photos of the Day
Haven't Heard About SailMail
Copter Crashes at Catalina
Key West Hurricane Report
Weather Looks Promising

October 24

Photos of the Day
Clearing in Ensenada
Norths Sails to Provide Weather

Latitude Goes Hollywood!
Baja Ha-Ha Entries Reach 150

October 21

Photos of the Day
Black Cat on the Bay
Clarifying the Cost of Cruising
Weather Window Never Opened

October 19

Photos of the Day
Hold the Chicken and Eggs
New Attempt at TransPac
Phone Home from Mexico for Free

October 17

Beef, Chicken, Eggs to Be Confiscated
BMW Oracle Reception
The Wait Is Nearly Over
Baja Ha-Ha Starts on Halloween

October 14

Photos of the Day
Pacific Seafarers Net Up Again
The Time to Get Your License
Anchorage for Ha-Ha Entrants
Fuel Prices for Ha-Ha Boats
Ha-Ha Seminars at Seattle Show

October 12

Photo of the Day
A Safe Haven in Nicaragua
Big Boats in PV Race
Health Certificate in Mexico
Abandoned Sloop Sighted
Are You a Professional Journalist?

October 10

Photo of the Day
Interested in Working for Latitude?
My Number's Been Changed
Attention Skipper of Subrosa
Most Popular Race in the World
Fleet Week Air Show Photos
Mark Reynolds at Corinthian YC

October 7

Photo of the Day
Act 9 Starts Today
Status of Pacific Seafarer's Net
Hurricanes and the Ha-Ha
Angry in England

October 5

Rhodes 19 Regatta
Reward for Abandoned Boat
Crew Party Tonight
Pacific Seafarer's Net
Impact of Bottom Paint
Fleet Week After Party

October 3

Biggest Buccaneer Days
Come to the Crew Party
Then Go to the Christening

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