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June 2007

June 29

Kiwis Stumble, Swiss Win
Flying High
July Latitude 38 Is Out
Suffering Sassafras!
Summer Racing Fun
Ayala Cove Etiquette

June 27

A-Cup Teams 2-2
Letter Writing Campaign
Ad: Caribbean Cat Charters
Baja Ha-Ha Update
Never Again in a Small Boat
1D-35 Clinic and BBQ

June 25

Photos of the Day:
One Apiece for A-Cup Teams

Far Far Wins Coastal Cup
An 'Empties' Gesture
Nice Kitty
Where's Waldo?

 June 22

Photos of the Day
A Passionate Pole
Ad: Cruising Cat for Sale
America's Cup Tomorrow
First Baja Ha-Ha Entries
MMBA Boat Show Sunday

June 20

Photos of the Day
Summer Sailstice
Ad: West Marine VP Marketing
No Americans to Be Found
Wanna Buy an Island?
Women's Circuit on the Road

June 18

Photo of the Day
Cup Half Full
Ad: West Marine VP Marketing
Alligator in the Delta
Leopard Is Sailing
Are You a Witness?
Did You Say "Tahiti Race"?

June 15

Photo of the Day
The App Is in the Mail
Latitude 38 eBooks
What Can We Do?
Buzzing the Bay
What Happened to Liz?
Different Boats for A-Cup
Thar Be Pirates!

June 13

Lynn Thornton, 1955-2006  

June 11

Photos of the Day
A Great Injustice
Ad: Caribbean Cat Charters
Weekend Racing
Just Avoid Everything
Will a Circle Be Unbroken?
Big Boats for Charity

June 8

Wrong Man Charged?
Gay Circumnavigation in '92-'96
Passport Rules Suspended
Terrorists Target America's Cup?
A Boat Called Charlie
A Stand on Ocean Preservation

 June 6

Photo of the Day
LVC: Return of the Black Magic
First Gay Circumnavigation?
Ha-Ha Packets to Be Sent
Mark 19 Photo
Groupama 3 Rips Record
Catalina Is Calling You

 June 4

Digging the Ditch
Conduct Unbecoming
A Hero With a Wrench
Kiwis up 3-0 in LV Finals
Women's Sailing Seminar

 June 1

Destination of the Day
June Latitudes Out
LVC: Kiwis Draw First Blood
A 'Kid'-Friendly TransPac
Race Management Seminar
Flippin' Megayachts

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