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Small sailboats on the Bay

Treasure Island Sailing Center Statement of Solidarity

Recent events have provided the stark realization that providing opportunity will never be enough to adequately address the systemic racial inequity in either our society or our sport. It has been 20 years since TISC began and yet we still do not see the changes in our sport or society that we envisioned.
Painted over old Bay Area chart

Old Nautical Charts Become Works of Art

When NOAA decided to ‘Sunset’ paper nautical charts and transition to electronic charts, many sailors wondered what to do with their old charts.
USCG rescues three from capsized vessel

Three Sailors Rescued from Capsized Vessel

The US Coast Guard reported that three people were rescued on Tuesday morning after their sailboat capsized near Treasure Island. Local fire and police departments and an unnamed Good Samaritan helped with the rescue. It is unclear what type of sailboat was involved and why it capsized.
Passage Webinar

Passage Nautical ‘Anatomy of a Survey’ Webinar

If you're considering purchasing a boat, join Passage Nautical's webinars for valuable education on making the best choices for your long term enjoyment. 

The Tables, and Ships, Are Turning in the Oakland Estuary

Last week, I was delivering my Columbia Challenger Esprit from San Rafael to Oakland, marking just the second time I'd made my way down the Estuary in a sailboat. Near the entrance, we saw that a container ship was turning behind Yerba Buena Island, rather than heading for the 'parking lot' of ships in the South Bay.
Harry Friz

You Think This is Bad? — Remembering Harry

The ups and downs of COVID-19 drive us as crazy as everyone else. With all due respect for the real financial and psychological impact the pandemic is having on society, if you think this is bad, let us relive a story for you that we did way back in 1996 about Captain Ottmar “Harry” Friz, one of the most amazing seafarers and gentlemen we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.