General Sailing

Randall Reeves Re-Rounds Cape Horn

We got the following email from Randall Reeves not long after we posted ‘Lectronic on Wednesday:  Well, Mo is around and has passed for the second time this passage under Cape Horn, thus completing her circuit of the Southern Ocean via the Capes, non-stop and solo. More »

Another Flare-Up

A few months ago, a Latitude reader asked what they should do with their used flares. As it turns out, disposing of expired flares — which are, of course, mandatory on nearly every vessel — can be a hard thing to do. More »
Super Moon

An Equinox for Lunatics

Today is the vernal equinox, the first day of spring, and, for most, the start of the peak sailing season. It's the day the sun crosses the equator from the Southern Hemisphere to the North just as members of the Pacific Puddle Jump fleet are doing the opposite — they are heading north to south.

Photo of the Day

With a little luck, the Matthew Turner has been coming along just fine. Thanks to Latitude guru John Skoriak for this epic shot.

Caption Contest(!)

Aaaaaannnnnnnnnd here’s your March Caption Contest(!). Good luck! You can send your entries here, or comment below. Thanks to @denizkilic1355 for this one. We highly recommend this Instagram account for all things maritime. More »
Drinking water

Hidden Boat Maintenance Issues

Do you know boatyard discharge has to be cleaner than drinking water? The water coming out of the hose going into the Bay is illegal. The same water from the same tap going into our water bottle is deemed safe for human consumption.

Alan Olson Wins Tall Ship Award

At the end of February, the Bay Area’s Alan Olson won the 2018 Leadership Award from Tall Ships America. The award is bestowed “to a member of Tall Ships America who has made a significant contribution to sail training through the demonstration of leadership at executive or senior levels,” Tall Ships America said, “and whose impact has been felt by the sail training community at large, beyond that of their own organization.” Surely, there could be no better description of Alan Olson, whose unrelenting vision and leadership has given birth to the Matthew Turner. More »
Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show Mahina Expeditions

Sailor Master Classes

The upcoming Pacific Sail & Powerboat Show has more to offer than looking and shopping. There are numerous free seminars in addition to a few all-day, advance-registration seminars requiring a paid tuition. More »

The Women Navigators

In this month’s Latitude, author Michael Kew brings us a dispatch from the South Pacific island of Yap, which could be considered the heart of the modest Polynesian Voyaging renaissance that’s taken place over the last four decades. More »

An Update from Webb Chiles

Nation — Another solo circumnavigator sent us an update. We were delighted to hear from the legendary Webb Chiles, who, after a unique transit of the Panama Canal, is about to embark on the last leg of his sixth circumnavigation. More »