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Tropical storms Lorena and Mario

Sailors Beware: Hurricane Season Is Here

Following Monday’s story on the amazing escape of Josh and Christina from Hurricane Dorian, we find ourselves in the peak of hurricane season with other threats looming. Hurricane Humberto is moving toward  Bermuda, and Tropical Storm Jerry has formed just to the east of the Leeward Islands, and is expected to reach hurricane strength before reaching the islands on Friday. More »

Catching Up with Latitude Nation

Here are a few happenings — ranging from the newsy to the slightly ancient — from around the Latitude Nation: Labor Day Sub Sighting Sinking In . . . “We were out cruising on Labor Day, and encountered what we thought was a capsized boat,” Art Hartinger wrote us. More »

The Reasons and Right Ways to De-Name Your Boat

People change boat names for all sorts of reasons. Which is all fine and good as long as you do it the right way. For those of you newish to sailing, changing a vessel’s name the proper way involves a fair amount of attention to form and tradition. More »

Bay Area Man Will Set Sail to Hawaii in 8-ft Boat

As far as we know, the smallest boat ever to sail to Hawaii is the 10-ft Yankee Girl. In 1981, relying partly on outboard power in low-wind conditions, 41-year-old Gerry Spiess made it from Long Beach to Honolulu in 34 days. More »

How Do You Put the Weather Together?

All signs were pointing to a windy day. It was Friday, August, 23, and the fog in Marin gushed over the foothills of Mount Tam, the trees shook furiously, and the air was chilly and bit at the skin.  More »

Latitude 38 Crew List Party tonight!

PS: The Latitude crew will be leaving the office early to set up for the party, so if you try to call, we might not be here! Please feel free to bring your questions to the Bay Model! More »

Briggs Cunningham: Sportsman, Gentleman, Sailing Gadget Inventor

Diesel, Kalashnikov, Graham (crackers), Mason (jars), Ohm, Edsel, Ferris — the list is long of items, properties or ideas named for the people who came up with them. One of the most familiar to sailors is the cunningham, that now-familiar tackle used to tension the mainsail luff. More »
Ravenswing with crew overboard

Crew Overboard! But not by Accident

We tried several different methods of approaching the crewmember in the water, either by motor or with sails. All three methods were successful, recovering the overboard crew…
Sunset with bird

A Delta Doo Dah DIY Cruise

The water was wonderful for swimming. We did a lot of otter and bird watching, along with star viewing. It was great to see big fish jumping at sunset, not to mention the swallows doing their bug-catching thing.