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Caption Contest(!)

Here’s your November Caption Contest(!) This photo was brought to us by Mark Bettis. Don’t forget to look for the winner in the December issue of Latitude 38’s Loose Lips. Good luck! More »

West Coastal Cruise Weather Planning, Part 1

Where do you get your weather information for coastal cruising? My partner and I recently took a two-week cruise from Berkeley to the Channel Islands and back on our Kelly Peterson 46 Esprit. More »

“Why I Sail,” by Webb Chiles

In this month’s Sightings, Webb Chiles attempts to answer the answerable. Don’t forget that Chiles still regularly posts on his website, which can be found here. “Those who dance are thought mad by those who cannot hear the music.” I first came across that expression a few months ago in the opening credits of a movie about mountains and partially about mountain climbing. More »

Full Moon, Flat Water and the End of Days

It’s been difficult these past few weeks to remain upbeat. Between the unprecedented fires, unprecedented winds and unprecedented power outages, October in California seems more like a preview of the End of Days than the month of plenty. More »
Send off

The Scary Part of the Baja Ha-Ha Is Ashore

When is Monday the best day of the week? When you’re starting the Baja Ha-Ha. While most of us were heading to the office, fleet members of the 26th annual Baja Ha-Ha were headed out of San Diego Bay on a perfect Monday morning. More »
GGYC race start with spinnakers

Some Timely Advice

Over the weekend, we said goodbye to post-workday sunlight when we set our clocks back one hour. Autumn is exactly half over.