General Sailing

Second Annual #optsailing

We’ve been praying for rain, and it looks like we’re finally going to get it. Fingers crossed. The forecast calls for rain on Wednesday and ‘Black Friday’ — the day REI has designated as a day to #optoutside and that we’ve transmogrified to #optsailing. More »

Still Smoky in the Bay

Late tomorrow, there may be some relief from the deadly Camp Fire, and the hundreds-of-miles-long blanket of dense, smoky smog that’s been choking the Bay Area for well over a week. More »
Folkboat sailing

What’s Wrong with Folkboat Skippers?

We were browsing sailing photos from photographer and tireless race committee volunteer Roxanne Fairbairn when we noticed that something must be wrong with Folkboat skippers. It seems the crews do everything they can to get as far away from the skipper as possible. More »

Changes in ‘Lectronic Latitudes, Part 2

We now bring you part 2 of Mitchell and Quincey’s Truly Cruising (part 1 ran a week ago today). Along with some friends, the  couple spent a weekend in Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz, and were ready to get back out to sea.  More »

Randall Reeves Hits Latitude 38 South, Again

Readers, we just received this email from Joanna Bloor, Randall Reeves’ wife. Hello, and greetings to all at latitude 38 north from Randall, Mo and Monte of the Figure 8 Voyage 2.0 at latitude 38 south.  More »

The San Francisco Science and Sailing Center

In the ‘old days’, a lot of deals were formed in secretive, smoke-filled rooms. In the case of the just-announced San Francisco Science and Sailing Center, the great outdoors was smoke- filled and the organizers presented their plan in the clean air of the brightly lit SFMOMA Gallery in the Fort Mason Center overlooking the Bay. More »

Caption Contest(!)

Latitude Nation, here’s your November Caption Contest(!). This is our first-ever photo from the Facebook Yacht Club, so we cannot attribute this shot to any one person — but thanks to reader Jere Visalli for sending it in. More »

Bye-Bye Ha-Ha

Recently spotted off the coast of Baja California, Mexico: a flock of boats heading south, stopping on occasion to drink, be merry and maybe play a game of softball, then taking to the high seas again. More »
Beached boat

News Nuggets

Westpoint and BCDC Closer to Settlement Westpoint Harbor and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission are one step closer to reaching a settlement. At a meeting yesterday, the BCDC’s Enforcement Committee voted to move the settlement to the full BCDC board, and recommend it for approval. More »

Changes in ‘Lectronic Latitudes

It’s not often that we get to write about local cruising, but it’s nice to be reminded that you can. The Bay Area has never been known as a cruiser’s paradise. More »