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When the Keel Smiles, Part 2

After finding that there was a crack in her keel (please see part 1 on Monday), singlehanded cruiser Elana Connor had her 1985 Sabre 34 MkI Windfola hauled out — and was told that the crack was “just cosmetic” — before departing for San Diego for a more thorough investigation.   More »
Fast Response Cutter Forrest Rednour

Safe Boating Week Starts Tomorrow

The US Coast Guard recorded 4,291 accidents that involved 658 deaths and 2,629 injuries in 2017, the most recent year for which such statistics are available.

Caption Contest(!)

Here’s this month’s Caption Contest(!). Good luck! You can comment below, or email us here. More »
Box of flares

Collecting Flares in Alameda County

Recreational boaters who live or berth their boats in Alameda County will have the opportunity to properly dispose of their expired or unwanted flares on Sunday, May 26.

Audit of BCDC to be Released Next Week

In August 2018, the State of California began the process of auditing the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, after a group of bipartisan lawmakers formally requested an independent investigation into the BCDC’s enforcement activities. More »
Small boat Golden Gate Bridge

Launch Ramp Mystery Solved

We posted a few pictures of Bay Area launch ramps, omitting the location of one of them. We asked our readers if they could identify the location. It comes as no surprise to us that several of our clever readers quickly replied with the correct answer. The mystery ramp? It's the…