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One Year of Good Jibes — and Many More To Follow

Latitude 38′s Good Jibes podcast has officially turned one year old.

The launch of Good Jibes was a year in the making, throwing ideas around and finding the right team. We knew that we did not want to compete with our favorite sailing podcasts like Out The Gate and On the Wind, but to add to the space in a positive way. We wanted to stay true to Latitude’s ethos and provide conversations from different perspectives, with six hosts sharing the mic and contributing to the project.

The first episode aired on August 25, 2021 — an interview with Latitude 38 publisher John Arndt by Ryan Foland. We wondered if people would listen, how it would be received, and then wondered: Whom should we interview next?

Daniela Moroz
Five-time Formula Kite World Champion and three-time US Rolex Yachtswoman of the Year Daniela Moroz is interviewed by Moe Roddy for episode #54.
© 2022 Daniela Moroz

One year, 54 episodes, and 42,000 downloads later, we are happy to report that you did listen, and we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Our team of hosts includes John Arndt, Ryan Foland, Moe Roddy, Ross Tibbits, Christine Weaver, and Nicki Bennett. Together and individually, they have recorded conversations with a varied array of sailors, from iconic circumnavigator Lin Pardey and Sailing Totem, who circumnavigated as a family, to double amputee solo circumnavigator Dustin Reynolds. We’ve spoken with racing legends Roy Disney, Katie Pettibone, and Peter Isler. There have been inspiring conversations about making careers in sailing, chasing big goals, keeping it simple, and the healing nature of simply being on the water. The guests’ backgrounds and sailing résumés are as varied as they come.

Good Jibes Epsiodes
In episode #41 Captain Liz Clark is interviewed by Nicki Bennett. In episode #14 Chip Merlin is interviewed by Christine Weaver.
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC /

In reviewing our first year of podcasting, we decided to ask our hosts for some of their takeaways.

Latitude’s John Arndt has been both a guest and a host. A lifelong sailor who has worked for decades in the industry, John has a lot of experience to draw from. “I’ve really appreciated this new way we’re interacting with our audience, and also the different voices and perspectives that come through from both guests and hosts. Conversations range from technical to emotional to practical to historical and hysterical. Despite these different twists and turns from competitive racers to offshore cruisers, everyone’s path into sailing is both different and shared, and common themes result.”

Ryan Foland is an author, podcaster, speaker, and sailor. Before Ryan joined the team, the concept of Good Jibes was no more than an internal conversation circulating at Latitude 38. Ryan helped raise the sails for the Good Jibes podcast and was a key driver in getting the project off the ground. Ryan has many takeaways, but one that stood out to us is what a difference these conversations have made in his own approach to sailing and boat ownership. “Echoed in many episodes, such as with Chuck Hawley, Lin Pardey, Paul Dorsey, Captain Donald Lawson, and Fred Huffman, I think one piece of wisdom that has resonated is the fact that keeping things simple is a superpower on a sailboat. Keeping this in mind, I’ve really started to evaluate my list of boat projects in a new way — I’ve noticed that I am asking myself questions like, ‘Do I really need this? Could I do without? Could I use something I already have? Is this setup simple enough so that if it breaks, I can fix it?'”

Captain Donald Lawson
Captain Donald Lawson is interviewed by Ryan Foland in episode #43.
© 2022 Captain Donald Lawson

Part of our success in releasing Good Jibes was not just finding hosts and contacting our friends in the sailing world for interviews, but finding the right person to produce it. Once Max Bransetter of Max Podcasting came on board, we were ready to start on this journey. We asked Max his thoughts on the last 54 episodes, since he edits them, and undoubtedly has the most intimate knowledge of each and every episode and guest. We asked what Max’s favorite episode has been. “The most inspiring conversation was with Dustin Reynolds. That episode will change your perspective on life. Speechless.”

Dustin Reynolds
John Arndt interviews double amputee solo circumnavigator Dustin Reynolds for episode #23
© 2022 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John Arndt

Lastly, we asked host Nicki Bennett her thoughts on the last year. Nicki is Latitude 38’s sales and marketing manager who, for a year, pushed the idea of a podcast, and waited patiently for the right team to form. “For me, producing this podcast, much like learning to sail, has been one of the most intimidating and inspiring things I have ever done. Seeing parts of yourself in someone who has crossed multiple oceans, and done incredible things, levels the playing field. Suddenly your big dreams seem more attainable because everyone starts somewhere.”

Now that you have heard our thoughts on making Good Jibes, we would love to hear your feedback about the podcast, and any recommendations you have for future guests. Thanks for listening. We look forward to continuing to create interesting and inspiring conversations.

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  1. Ben Shaw 2 years ago

    Congratulations on this milestone! Thank you Good Jibes for bringing more great sailing content to the podcast airwaves. And for the kind mention of Out The Gate in this post. The Lat 38 team has been nothing but supportive of my work over the years and I continually grateful for that.

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