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Books Recommended by Our Good Jibes Guests

Shiver me timbers, winter is coming, and that means the holidays are here. For my family, it means visiting my parents to help them get the Christmas lights out of the garage and get them up on the fleet. Whether you’re hoisting multicolored LEDs, tinsel or your cups of grog in cheer, you need to think about your gift-giving to those far and near. But do not fret. You are in luck, because Latitude 38 has been asking our Good Jibes podcast guests for their favorite books. Take these recommendations from sailors like Chuck Hawley, Moe Roddy, Chip Merlin and our own John Arndt, and add some to your shopping cart.

Author, podcast host, speaker and Cal 34 Bingo owner Ryan Foland shows off a selection of books from our Good Jibes podcast guests.
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We’ve got you covered, whether you need an idea for an unexpected guest with a gift in hand, a Secret Santa scramble, or a surprise for your old man. With these sailor-recommended books, you’re not just giving a great read, you’re giving skills, sailing insights and stories of adventures on the sea. Go buy them at your local bookstore or search for them online. Happy sailing to all, and to all we wish you a season of Good Jibes.


Good Jibes podcast guest

Sea-Steading by Jerome FitzGerald Charlie Deist
Tinkerbelle by Robert Manry Chuck Hawley
Gipsy Moth Circles the World by Sir Francis Chichester Chuck Hawley
Trekka Round the World by John Guzzwell Chuck Hawley
Physics of Sailing by John Kimball Paul Dorsey
Fastnet Force 10 by John Rousmaniere Brendan Huffman
Mutiny on the Bounty by William Bligh Brendan Huffman
10,000 Leagues Over the Sea by William Albert Robinson Brendan Huffman
Dove by Robin Lee Graham Katie Burgess
Moby Dick by Herman Melville Lyall Burgess
At One with the Sea by Naomi James Moe Roddy
Taking on the World by Ellen MacArthur Moe Roddy
Adrift by Steven Callahan Moe Roddy
Sailing Alone Around the World by Joshua Slocum Jim Hancock
The Long Way by Bernard Moitessier Jim Hancock
Mavericks & Merlins by Chip Merlin Chip Merlin
How to Sail Around the World by Hal Roth John Taussig
Marine Medicine by Eric A. Weiss & Michael Jacobs John Taussig
Latitude 38 (technically a series of ‘mini books’ when you buy someone a year’s worth of issues delivered to their door!) John Arndt


If you have not yet tuned into our Good Jibes podcasts, visit to learn even more than book recommendations from West Coast sailors. Many in the list above are classics that have stirred sailors’ souls for decades and are worth a read or reread. Our book-review editor, John Riise (aka JR), regularly reviews new books each year. You can learn about some of this year’s new books in Sightings in the November and December issues of Latitude 38.


  1. Craig Brown 2 years ago

    I am deeply disappointed that you did not recommend my book: “SURE–40 years of Sailing” which was sent to Lat. 38 in the Spring of this year. Many of the items contained in the book are direct quotes, and/or articles from your publication in the ’80s to 2000s. I specifically noted your great coverage of sailing events, and especially in the Bay Area that I was sailing in at that time. Did you ever read it?

    • John Arndt 2 years ago

      Craig – the books listed in our ‘Lectronic Latitude article were the books recommended by the guests in our Good Jibes podcast. The November and December issues of Latitude 38 contain the books we reviewed which includes your book as the first one reviewed in our recently distributed December issue. You can see it online here:

    • Craig Brown 2 years ago

      Dear John: Sorry, I have been traveling for medical reasons since the 1st of Dec. and had not picked up or reviewed the Dec. addition. I owe you a drink, if and when you get to St. Petersburg, FL where my boat still resides. Thanks for your comments. At the time, we did not know we were in a golden age, but it has proved to be true. However, I am still trying to keep an old dinosaur alive, and from sinking. They were great boats, and my book was a labor of love to celebrate some of those days.

  2. bill belmont 2 years ago

    well 2 series of “sailing adventures mysteries–there are others but these stand out
    Bernard Cornwall: (yes THAT he of the english historical stuff)
    Wildtrack, Sea Lord, Crackdown, Stormchild, Scoundrel

    Sam Llewellyn
    Blood Orange, Death Roll, Blood Knot, Clawhammer, Maelstrom, Dead Recokoning Deadeye, Rip Tide, Black Fish
    the “sequel” to Erskine Childers’ 1914 great “Riddle of The Sands
    Shadow In The Sands also by LLewellyn

  3. Dennis Bailey 2 years ago

    The greatest one of all is not here. It’s in my top five of any book- not just nautical: Dana’s “Two Years Before the Mast”.

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