“Why I Sail,” by Webb Chiles

In this month’s Sightings, Webb Chiles attempts to answer the answerable. Don’t forget that Chiles still regularly posts on his website, which can be found here. “Those who dance are thought mad by those who cannot hear the music.” I first came across that expression a few months ago in the opening credits of a movie about mountains and partially about mountain climbing. More »

Randall Reeves Resting Before Imminent Return to the Bay

We feel confident in saying that Randall Reeves is about to complete his ambitious Figure 8 Voyage, though he has yet to cross the official finish line. We’ll paraphrase from our first conversation with Reeves in 2017 about his post-voyage philosophy and routine: “After a long time at sea, I like to anchor at Drake’s Bay before sailing under the Gate,” Reeves said, referring to his 12,000 singlehanded Pacific cruise in 2010 aboard his Far East Mariner Murre. More »

Randall Reeves Racing South Toward the Golden Gate

We’ve tried to retrace Randall Reeves’ steps to see when he last made any southing. Not counting a few southerly drops in the Northwest Passage, it’s been a minute. After sailing out the Gate almost exactly one year ago, Reeves made a bee-ish-line for Cape Horn, headed east for three months, took the Horn to port again and shot north for the Arctic. More »

Socrates Sets New World Record

On Saturday, hundreds of people welcomed Jeanne Socrates and Nereida as she coasted across the finish line into Victoria, British Columbia, to become the oldest person to sail alone, nonstop and unassisted around the world. More »

Jeanne Socrates: As Close as Possible

“Checking Weather to see if Friday afternoon is possible,” Jeanne Socrates wrote on her blog about the possible finish to her now 338-day circumnavigation. The 77-year-old Englishwoman — who’s  attempting to become the oldest person to sail alone, unassisted and nonstop around the world — has been hovering off the windless coast of Vancouver Island for several days now.  More »

Randall Reeves Punches Through the Northwest Passage

“One big chapter in the Figure 8 is closed,” wrote Randall Reeves on his blog yesterday. “Just a quick note to report that Mo is through the ice and sailing fast on a north wind for Cambridge Bay, 235 miles southwest.” Reeves has been jumping around in the narrative in his posts. More »