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Episode #12: Jim Hancock on Sailing for Your Pastime and Career

Welcome back to Latitude 38’s podcast, Good Jibes! In this podcast, we’re bringing you the world of sailing through the eyes of the West Coast Sailor. Each week, you’ll hear stories and tips from the West Coast sailing community on cruising, racing and just plain sailing. Cast off, laugh and learn, and become a better sailor. Hosted by John Arndt, Nicki Bennett, Ryan Foland, and the team at Latitude 38 – the sailing magazine for West Coast sailors since 1977!

This is Episode #12 and we’re casting off with San Francisco Sailing Science Center President & Founder Jim Hancock, who’s interviewed by Latitude 38 Publisher and host John Arndt to chat turning your passion for sailing into both your favorite hobby and your career. Jim grew up in a boating family, would build models of sailboats as a child, and sailed from California to Australia starting in 1999. Hear what goes into sailing around the world, how the San Francisco Sailing Science Center aims to inspire, where he got the idea from, why the Bay Area sailing community is so special, and sailing is one of the most fun and valuable things you can do. This episode covers everything from crossing an ocean to inspiring the next generation of sailors. 

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Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • When did Jim first go sailing?
  • What inspired him to start the Sailing Science Center?
  • Does he still sail recreationally?
  • What makes the Bay Area sailing community special?
  • How long did Jim take to get to Australia?
  • Where is he in the lifespan of the Sailing Science Center?
  • What is the biggest barrier to people going sailing?
  • Short Tacks: What is Jim’s racing-to-cruising ratio?

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Check out the episode and show notes below for much more detail.

Show Notes

Meet the Sailors Sailing to Mexico
More than 200 sailors have been migrating south through the Channel Islands and Southern California for the 27th Baja Ha-Ha, which departs on November 1!
Environmental Catastrophes Continue
As investigations continue regarding the recent oil spill in Southern California, a container ship in the Pacific Northwest has been battling a fire.