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3 Express 37s racing

Yacht Racing in the Age of COVID-19

The year 2020 will be remembered for several unrelated reasons, but the coronavirus has proved the most daunting for sailboat racing. It has challenged on several fronts…

Boat Fire in Richardson Bay a Harsh Reminder

An anchored boat caught fire in Richardson's Bay last weekend. While there has been no official statement, scuttlebutt alleges the fire was preceded by an explosion.
Rocks two, sailboats nil.

Rocks Two, Sailboats Nil

Two sailboats have ended up on the rocks this past week in separate incidents in California.

When You’re Wrong in the Right of Way

In mid-October, after a summer of bizarre weather, it was 80-plus degrees and windless at Latitude's satellite office in San Quentin Village. The Bay went completely glassy for almost five days in a row . . .

USCG Tests Unmanned Vessels off Hawaii

The US Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC) has announced that it will begin testing and evaluating the use of unmanned surface vehicles off the south shore of Oahu.
Walder boom brake

Enjoy Downwind Sailing with Walder Boom Brake

Walder boom brake is an essential safety device that ensures the indispensable protection of your crew and equipment.
Cyclone-damaged boat in Australia

Australia and New Zealand Say No to Cruisers

Since the early days of global COVID restrictions, the Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) has been appealing to Australian (AUS) and New Zealand (NZ) authorities to secure safe harbors for cruisers during the South Pacific's 2020/21 cyclone season.
Fire at dusk

Explosion and Fire at Oxbow Marina

We were startled by a very loud explosion. Suddenly, the stern of a powerboat burst into flames, and we heard another explosion.