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November 2021

52The Loss of Leviathan

After sharing a US Coast Guard rescue story on 'Lectronic Latitude about the loss of Thomas Fritz's sailboat, Léviathan, southwest of Point Conception, we caught up with him in Germany, where he shared the following recollections of his rescue at sea.

56Season Champions Part One

The sailing year 2021 got off to a slow start due to a holiday surge in coronavirus cases. Although the vaccines swooped in to save the day, they came too late for a few of the usual suspects (Northern California one-design classes, that is) to organize a championship season.

60Mexico Myths & Misconceptions

If Mexico's your first stop, it's possible that you might have a few misconceptions about cruising below the border.

66Boat of the Month: Alerion 28

Suddenly, having a boat that could be sailed shorthanded, by couples, or by parents with kids became a top priority. Some of these racers had only ever sailed with experienced crews holding down the rail and pulling the strings.

70Max Ebb: Will You Still Luff Me Tomorrow?

"We need to twist off the main," I shouted to the mainsail trimmer as I struggled with the helm to keep the boat from rounding up in another strong gust. "Trav up and ease sheet! We're overpowered!"

74Racing Sheet

Championship events continued in early fall. Here we visit the Express 37, Express 27, Wylie Wabbit, J/24 and Vanguard 15 classes. The SSS sails the Vallejo 1-2, doublehanders race out to the Farallones, the all-women Red Bra Regatta makes do with zephyrs in the South Bay, Mercurys compete on the Cityfront, and El Toros stampede in Richmond.

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