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Archive for September 2019

A New Latitude Tuesday

Tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for, as the October issue of Latitude 38 will hit newsstands, Wi-Fi signals, and the synapses of a Nation. Please let us prepare you for a Latitude adjustment tomorrow: What’s Next for Berkeley Marina? More »

Women’s Sailing at CSC and on the Bay

No need to be an experienced sailor to notice that sailing may not be the most egalitarian sport when it comes to gender. Some attribute it to a difference in physical strength, less recklessness or, at a professional level, difficulties for women to convince sponsors, but certainly, there is a strong cultural dimension to it. More »
Hanse 388

See the Hanse 388 at Yacht Fest Oct. 4-6

The new Hanse 388 is a cruiser that lets in more sunlight below deck than any other yacht in its class. A record number of portholes in the hull and on deck — and even alongside the companionway — flood the saloon with natural sunlight the whole day through. More »

The Bay Area’s Nuclear Thursday

Bay Area — wow! Yesterday was, in the parlance of sophisticated sailors everywhere, a super-gnarly day on the water. A recent rule of thumb seems to be that, following a few days of unseasonable heat,  big wind immediately follows. More »