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The Bay Area’s Nuclear Thursday

Bay Area — wow! Yesterday was, in the parlance of sophisticated sailors everywhere, a super-gnarly day on the water.

A recent rule of thumb seems to be that, following a few days of unseasonable heat,  big wind immediately follows. After wrapping up our deadline on Wednesday for the October issue (during 90-plus-degree weather), we naturally gravitated to the Bay on Thursday. But once under sail, we found ourselves absolutely lit up, to again draw from the lofty parlance of mariners.

The view yesterday from Latitude’s ‘satellite offices’ in San Quentin (the neighborhood, not the prison) looking south toward the East Bay. This photo was taken at about 11 a.m., which, by any measure, is early for the wind to start stirring. The breeze only built as the day went on, and didn’t quit until sunset.

We can expect big breezes all through the weekend, especially tomorrow. It’s as if summer is taking a bow before it goes into its slumber. We’re not complaining — the wind this season has been a gift that keeps on giving. With that said, we will also enjoy those 8- to 12-knot days whenever they decide to make an appearance.

The weekend forecast for San Francisco. Don’t shake out those reefs or put away your foulies just yet.
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We hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are, Latitude Nation. And please feel free to send us the pictures!

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