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New Girl on the Block

Latitude 38 published an update about Wilbur Spaul’s build of the new Chubby Girl at Berkeley Marine Center in this month’s Sightings.

Wilbur Spaul achieved a significant milestone in his bid to sail the smallest boat to Hawaii: In February, he chainsawed the 8-ft Chubby Girl into pieces and tossed them into a dumpster. Her slightly longer, significantly lighter, and hopefully better-sailing sibling is currently under construction.

The End of Chubby Girl
An unceremonious end to the original Chubby Girl
© 2020 Mitchell Andrus

As you may recall from a Sightings in the October 2019 issue, Wil is a longtime sailor and cruiser, with the equally longtime dream of completing this passage. His inspiration — and the person to whom he will dedicate the voyage — is Gerry Spiess, the current record holder of the smallest-boat passage to Hawaii. In 1981, Spiess sailed the 10-ft Yankee Girl from Long Beach to Honolulu. It took him 34 days.

Inside Chubby Girl
How do you sail a 9-ft boat across the ocean? You basically turn it into a floating food locker.
© 2020

Spaul designed and built the recently-destroyed Chubby Girl out of glass-covered plywood in a friend’s garage in Walnut Creek. He began sea-trialing the boat out of Berkeley last spring. Despite a new set of sails from Pineapple and design assistance from El Sobrante naval architect Jim Antrim, progress — and performance — was slow and a bit disappointing.

Cree and the new Chubby Girl
Cree Partridge, the man with the building plan
© 2020 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Mitch

Read the full article in the April issue of Latitude 38.

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  1. Bruce 3 years ago

    Are those plastic single-use water bottles being stored? Be great to find an alternative. How about collapsible?

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