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October 2019

64Rolex Big Boat Series Slow & Fast

The 55th St. Francis Yacht Club Big Boat Series on September 12-15 may wind up being remembered for a random late-summer heat wave that baked unacclimated San Franciscans in two days of T-shirt weather.

70What’s Next For Berkeley Marina

The roughly 100-acre Berkeley Marina is full of docks, trails, sailing schools, a boatyard and few windsurfing launches.

76Delta Doo Dah Turns It Up To 11

Like a parent of a growing pre-teen, we observed with stunned disbelief as the Delta Doo Dah cruising rally turned 11 years old in 2019. Organizers at Latitude 38 vowed to turn it up a notch.

82Baja Ha-Ha Profiles, Pt 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Baja Ha-Ha XXVI profiles, which have been selected at random.

88Max Ebb: Small-Boat Cruising

"The key to cruising a very small boat is to know people cruising in much larger boats."

92Racing Sheet

The Drake's Bay Race and SSS Half Moon Bay Race take us offshore, while the Jazz Cup runs inland.