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April 7, 2023

Camellia Cup Starts Off a Great 2023 California Lake Sailing Season

The drought has meant the California Lake Circuit has had some rough years with low water. That should not be the case in 2023. John Poimiroo emailed to let us know the 56th Camellia Cup, the Sacramento area’s largest sailboat regatta, will be held in a very full Folsom Lake April 22-23. He says participating boats are eight- to 25-ft long, including Banshees, ILCAs (Lasers), Lido 14s, Thistles, Daysailers, Santana 20s, Capri 22s and 25s, Catalina 22s and 250s, and Wavelength 24s, plus various types of sport and multihull boats. Model sailboats as big as six-ft long from the Sacramento Model Yacht Club will sail separately at Hobie Cove.

Folsom Lake Lasers
The Laser fleet also shows up for the Camellia Cup.
© 2023 John Poimiroo

More than 50 sailboats are expected to compete at the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area by the Folsom Lake Yacht Club’s clubhouse above the Brown’s Ravine launch ramp. It’s the area’s first and oldest regatta of the sailing season.

The Daysailer fleet makes a showing on Folsom Lake.
© 2023 John Poimiroo
Banshees on Folsom Lake
If you’ve wanted to pull out your Banshee and sail it, Folsom Lake is the place.
© 2023 John Poimiroo
It’s an impressive-looking “cup.” There is space for your name in 2023. The last name in this photo is Richmond Yacht Club Laser sailor Emilio Castelli.
© 2023 Folsom Lake Yacht Club

If you want to race your dinghy in fresh water, you can trailer up to Folsom Lake after you sign up to race at

P.S. Hear Good Jibes Episode #83, with Will Sofrin talking about learning to build boats at the International Yacht Restoration School and sailing a tall ship from Newport, RI, to Los Angeles. 

Sailors Practice Safety at Sea Skills at Cal Maritime

A sunny weekend at the end of March saw a (big) boatload of sailors gather for a Safety at Sea seminar at Cal Maritime in Vallejo. Around 50 people were taken through the hands-on course that covered a range of scenarios that might be encountered while sailing offshore.

Among the presenters was Randall Reeves, who had built a pair of wood boxes complete with various leaks and leaky pipes, each with a four-foot standpipe providing the right amount of water pressure to simulate typical below-the-waterline hull penetrations and pipe failures.

Safety exercise
Randall Reeves engages participants with his talk on damage control and hands-on repair exercises.
© 2023 Paul Kamen

The one-day event by US Sailing was preceded by an online segment. Practical elements included pool exercises in which mariners could test their inflatable PFDs and practice righting a capsized raft, extinguishing fires, man-overboard drills, and much more.

Chuck Hawley looks on as participants practice putting out oil fires.
© 2023 Paul Kamen
There was also a segment on using hypothermia wraps.
© 2023 Paul Kamen
And you can never do too many man-overboard drills.
© 2023 Paul Kamen

Of the 50 “students” who took part in the event, around 18 were Cal Maritime cadets who are preparing for this summer’s Transpac race.

Are You Coming to the Svendsen’s Spring Fling, and ‘Latitude 38’ Crew Party?

Next weekend is the annual Spring Fling Show at Svendsen’s Marine in Alameda, and throughout the day, we’re hosting the Latitude 38 Spring Crew List Party at our booth! Come along to the show and get all the latest in sailing gear, tech, and fun, while mingling with sailors and boaters from all over the Bay, and beyond!

The show is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, April 15, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 16.

On Saturday, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. we will be serving beer, provided by Almanac Beer, and hosting a Latitude 38 crew party meet and greet. We’re inviting skippers and crew to come meet in person to make connections for summer racing. Learn more here. Come down and meet other sailors so you can get out and do more sailing.

If you want to do more sailing and have a boat looking for crew or are crew looking for a boat make sure you add your name to our Crew List! Jim Immer was on our Crew List and ended up doing the 2022 Baja Ha-Ha with Steve Kaufman. There are crew lists for cruising, racing and just plain sailing. 

But make sure you come early enough to check out the show and open-boat weekend at Marina Village.

Tickets are free and all the info can be found here: Svendsen’s Spring Fling Show

We’ll see you there!

Click Bait of the Day: 

Old sailbag
The Newest Use For Old Sailbags Is Good For Cute Puppies
© 2023 Richard

The Ocean Race Leg 3’s Surprising Finish in Brazil

While much of the pre-race hype was about the lengthy duration and distance of Leg 3 of The Ocean Race, the biggest story in Brazil has to be that of the resiliency, resourcefulness and never-say-die attitude of the five teams that took part in this Southern Ocean epic. Just a handful of days into the race, Team Holcim – PRB was sailing out to a huge lead at the front of the fleet, while the rest of the fleet was licking their wounds, and one boat was headed back to Cape Town. To see Boris Herrmann and Team Malizia cap off an incredible come-from-behind victory and be the first boat into Itajai, Brazil, about a month later, simply defies belief, in the opinion of this writer. When crewmember Will Harris was nearly 100 feet aloft making composite repairs to their carbon fiber mast just days into the leg, Team Malizia would have been at exceedingly long odds to take the win in Brazil, but such is the magic of ocean racing.

ocean race
Malizia is the biggest, heaviest and allegedly strongest boat in The Ocean Race fleet. She was previously expected to have an advantage in the Southern Ocean leg of this race, and so it’s no huge surprise to see her atop the podium after arrival in Brazil.
© 2023 OBR Antoine Auriol/ Team Malizia

“Winning this leg is an unreal moment; it’s taking time to realize what we have achieved, that the dream is coming true,” said an elated Boris Herrmann shortly after the finish.

“Dreaming of doing The Ocean Race, doing this amazing leg through the Southern Ocean, finishing it after all the trouble we had early on, and winning it!! Four weeks ago, if I had been told, ‘Repair your mast because you might win this leg,’ I would have not believed it and said, ‘That’s not possible — we are too far behind and can’t push the boat any more.’ But it worked out beyond our expectations.”

Overarll points leader Team Holcim – PRB upon arrival in Brazil.
© 2023 Sailing Energy/ The Ocean Race

After 35 days and more than 14,000 nautical miles actually sailed (the official leg distance was 12,750 nm), Boris Herrmann’s Team Malizia edged out Kevin Escoffier and Team Holcim – PRB to the finish line in Brazil. A couple of days later, Charlie Enright’s 11th Hour Racing team persevered to claim the final podium spot, while Paul Meilhat’s Biotherm finished in fourth and Benjamin Duttreaux’s GUYOT Environment – Team Europe recorded a DNF. With this Southern Ocean marathon — the longest leg in race history — being a double-points leg, both Team Malizia and Team Holcim – PRB claimed nine out of a possible 10 points for the leg. Team Holcim – PRB took the five points for crossing the scoring gate near Tasmania, with Team Malizia second to the gate. At the finish in Brazil, Malizia took the five points for finishing first, while Holcim – PRB took four points for finishing in second. Once the scores from Legs 1 and 2 are factored in, Team Holcim – PRB has a healthy lead with 19 points, while Team Malizia is at 14 points, 11th Hour Racing is at 13 points, Biotherm has 10 points and GUYOT Environment has just two points.

Team Malizia upon arrival in Itajai, Brazil. From L to R – Nico Lunven, Will Harris, Rosalin Kuiper, Antoine Auriol and Boris Herrmann.
© 2023 Sailing Energy/ The Ocean Race

In addition to the close racing in the Southern Ocean and at the finish, one of the main features of this race was the constant repairs needed by the crews on all of the boats. From a halyard sawing down into Malizia’s rig, to 11th Hour Racing blowing out their mainsail on multiple occasions due to crash jibes, chafing foil control lines, other boats hitting UFOs and damaging foils and more, the list of carnage and heroic repairs in Leg 3 was simply too long to list here. The one DNF of the leg was GUYOT Environment – Team Europe, who went back to Cape Town to repair hull delamination and then sailed their boat from South Africa to Brazil. With all five boats now in Itajai, Brazil, and awaiting the start of Leg 4, the teams still have about two weeks before the April 23 start date. Leg 4 of The Ocean Race will take the fleet from Brazil up to Newport, Rhode Island.

Read Ronnie’s recap of Leg 2 here

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