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April 5, 2023

Do You Know the 10-Meter ‘Sally’?

I recently came across Fred Huffman’s request for information on the 10-Meter Sirius, and was hoping you could help me out with a similar request. Of the original 14 Starling Burgess-designed and Abeking & Rasmussen-built 10-meters only two remain: Branta, #7 and Sally, #12. It’s rather amazing that after nearly 100 years and 5,700 miles from where they were launched, these two sisters not only survived, but live a few docks away from each other at the San Diego Yacht Club.

The lovely Sally will be 100 years old in 2027.
© 2023 Koehler Kraft

As we approach Sally’s 100th birthday in 2027, I am trying to compile as much of her history as possible, and I need the Latitude Nation’s help. We are looking for photos, results, anecdotes, etc. — anything to help fill in the blanks.

What I have we are posting to her webpage here:

Thank you!

— Danielle Richards, marketing and public relations manager, Koehler Kraft Co.

Good Jibes #85: PJ Landresse on Finding Your Boat Relatives

This week’s host, Ryan Foland, is joined by PJ Landresse to chat finding your boat’s family tree — better yet, family “sea.” PJ and Ryan are “boat relatives” themselves, as Ryan’s 1977 Cal 34 Bingo was PJ’s Starpath in a previous life. PJ recorded this from his new boat in Banderas Bay, just north of Puerto Vallarta.

What is PJ’s new boat?
© 2023 PJ Landresse

Hear about the adventures you’ll unlock by looking up previous owners of your boat, renovations over a boat’s lifetime, how to have fun and de-stress on the water, how canoes can teach you to become a better sailor, and PJ’s magical encounters with animals while cruising.

This episode covers everything from Sunfish to boat modifications. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear:

  • How did PJ learn to sail on canoes?
  • When did he visit Ryan in Catalina?
  • How did PJ find out Ryan had bought his old boat?
  • What are some good memories aboard Starpath and Bingo?
  • How are things going with PJ’s new boat?
  • Where has he explored on the West Coast?
  • How long has he been a fan of Latitude 38?
  • Where has he seen Richard Spindler?

Listen to the episode on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and your other favorite podcast spots — follow and leave a 5-star review if you’re feeling the Good Jibes!

This episode is brought to you by Svendsen’s Spring Fling. Don’t miss Svendsen’s Spring Fling Boat Show on April 15–16. For more information, visit We hope to see you there!

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SailGP San Francisco Season 3 Grand Final Tickets On Sale Now

SailGP San Francisco ad

SailGP returns to San Francisco for the Season 3 Grand Final, May 6-7, 2023! Experience all the action with ticket and hospitality options for two days of exhilarating races, intense rivalries and action-packed entertainment!

Cruise Ship ‘American Jazz’ Shows the Way to Napa

Mention cruising the Delta to Bay Area sailors and many will respond that it’s too shallow for their “deep-draft” boats. This is despite the large ships that pass through the Delta to reach the Port of Sacramento and the Port of Stockton. Now there is also the 345-ft x 60-ft-beam cruise ship American Jazz that recently cruised up the Napa River to remind us there’s plenty to explore, and plenty of room for anyone to do it.

American Jazz
If American Jazz can make it up the Napa River you can too. The Navionics chart shows 97-ft clearance with the bridge up, and the fixed bridge near Vallejo with 104-ft clearance.
© 2023 Kirby Long

The ship berthed at Napa Valley Marina last week, though it will be heading to Oregon for the summer. It returns next year to offer eight-day, seven-night cruises with eight ports of call, on a round-trip tour starting in Sacramento. Prices range from $6,330 to $12,245 per person.

American Jazz up the Napa River
Kirby Long of Napa Valley Marina caught this shot of American Jazz making her way up the Napa River.
© 2023 Kirby Long

Alternatively, for the same or less money, you could cruise the whole summer with your family aboard a boat from the Latitude 38 Classy Classifieds like the one below.

Hundreds of people have had a blast with their family on the Delta with boats as simple as this 1975 Catalina 27 currently for sale in our Classifieds for $2900.
© 2023 Catalina 27 owner

Plenty more boats in our Classifieds could take you to the Delta this summer for less than a cabin on American Jazz. Cruising the Delta on a cruise ship is surely a treat for many and is proof the Delta has the depth and the attractions to make it a fantastic summer cruising destination. If you’re looking for a boat for the Delta or Mexico, or around the world, check out the Classy Classifieds — there’s plenty there to fulfill any sailing dreams you have.

Cruising the Delta is a great way to “jazz” up your life, and there are many ways to do it. We’ll be launching the 2023 Delta Doo Dah soon. Keep an eye on ‘Lectronic Latitude and our Delta Cruising page for further information.

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Dog Stolen During Armed Robbery in Panama Found Safe

Last week we shared the news of the American-flagged sailboat, Chris and Cory Archer’s Constellation, being boarded in the Pacific, while in an anchorage in the vicinity of the Las Perlas Islands. Along with items such as passports, phones, electronics, computers, jewelry and cash, the attackers stole the couple’s dog, Stella.

dog on boat
Chris and Cory reached out to social media for help finding Stella.
© 2023

Many readers expressed their concern for Stella. We have since learned that Stella was rescued by the National Aeronaval Service of Panama a few days ago. Chris and Cory shared the good news on Constellation‘s Instagram page:

“It is with so much joy that we can say our six-month-old puppy, Stella, was found! We have been in contact with Panama authorities, and Aeronaval confirmed they found her today on Isla La Mina near where we were attacked. She has been alone on the uninhabited island for nearly five days. We are working to get her brought to us on the mainland as soon as possible.

“THANK YOU to this amazing community for sharing her picture and information to support finding her.”

This video of Stella’s rescue was shared on the National Aeronaval Service of Panama’s Instagram page:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by SenanPanamá (@senanpanama)

SailGP Expands 2023 Schedule To Include Los Angeles

SailGP, which is coming to San Francisco for the 22/23 season Grand Prix Championship on May 6-7, has just announced adding Los Angeles to its next season. The 12-race 2023/2024 global circuit will start in Chicago on June 16–17 and then move to Los Angeles for the next race in the series on July 22–23.

F50 catamarans with Golden Gate Bridge and helicopter
SailGP is returning to San Francisco for the Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco May 6-7.
© 2023 Lloyd Images / SailGP

North America is hosting six events in the expanded 2023–2024 calendar. This includes the brand-new stop in Los Angeles on the L.A. waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles July 22–23, 2023, and the June 2024 return to New York, which hosted SailGP in its inaugural season in 2019. Los Angeles recently hosted the winning performance of the University of Hawaii in the Port of Los Angeles Harbor Cup.

SailGP Louis Kruk
TeamUSA, seen here in the 2022 Grand Final, shows that SailGP San Francisco will have plenty of action.
© 2023 Louis Kruk

Season 4 will open in Chicago with the Rolex United States Sail Grand Prix on June 16–17, 2023, at Navy Pier. San Francisco is set to host the Grand Final again in 2024. Bermuda returns in May 2024, followed by another new location for the league: Canada, which will host an event in June 2024 (venue to be announced).

Before Season 4 kicks off, San Francisco will be hosting the May 6–7 Mubadala SailGP Season 3 Grand Final | San Francisco. The top three teams overall will finish the weekend on the Sunday with one winner-take-all final race to claim a $1 million bonus. US fans can watch the weekend’s racing on CBS Sports Network. Locally you can watch from the grandstands on the Cityfront by buying tickets here, or take your boat out to watch from the water. Premium on-the-water positioning is also for sale.

US Fans
You can watch from the grandstands between the Golden Gate and St. Francis Yacht Clubs.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / John

Los Angeles Councilmember Tim McOsker, whose district includes the Port, said, “We are excited to welcome SailGP to the L.A. Waterfront at the Port of Los Angeles. Our Outer Harbor is known for its consistent wind conditions — particularly for smaller sailing craft and windsurfers. This location will make for challenging, exciting competition, and the wide variety of local restaurants and waterfront activities will make the experience memorable for visiting SailGP race spectators.”

Jimmy Spithill and TeamUSA currently are sitting in seventh place, while Tom Slingsby is hanging on to first in the 10-race season, with only two finishes outside the top three and three first-place finishes. Team USA did take a first in Saint-Tropez and second in the one-day Sydney weekend before a violent windstorm on Saturday night destroyed boats and wings, forcing the cancellation of Sunday’s racing.

May 6–7 is a busy weekend on the Bay, with the Pacific Sail & Power Boat Show in Redwood City and the Vallejo Race being held simultaneously.

You can see the full 2023/2024 SailGP schedule here:

June 16–17 // Rolex United States Sail Grand Prix | Chicago at Navy Pier
July 22–23 // United States Sail Grand Prix | Los Angeles
September 9–10 // France Sail Grand Prix | Saint-Tropez
September 23–24 // Italy Sail Grand Prix | Taranto
October 14–15 // Spain Sail Grand Prix | Andalucía- Cádiz

January 13–14 // UAE Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced
February 24–25 // KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix | Sydney
March 23–24 // ITM New Zealand Sail Grand Prix | Auckland
May 4–5 // Bermuda Sail Grand Prix
June 1–2 // Canada Sail Grand Prix | Venue to be announced
June 22–23 // United States Sail Grand Prix | New York
July 13–14 // SailGP Season 4 Grand Final | San Francisco

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