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Archive for August 2011

There Goes My Baby

As you might imagine, a bizarre story goes along with this photo, but we’re going to make you wait for it. Instead, we want you to tell us what you think is happening in this shot. More »

Do ‘Partner-ships’ Float?

"Perhaps like many sailors in the Bay Area, I don’t get out on my Catalina 30 Hana Ho  as much as I’d like too," writes Berkeley’s Peter O’Connor. "My sailing days have been further reduced by the addition of a new crewmember — a beautiful baby girl — a trade-off I’m all too happy to make. More »

More on the Loss of Ri Ri

As reported Friday, the American sailing yacht Ri Ri was blown onto a reef last week at Palmerston Island, in the Cook Islands, and was unable to be refloated despite a massive effort from islanders and other visiting cruisers. More »

Speaking a Couple Days Too Soon

It’s been such a mellow hurricane season to date in both the Eastern Pacific (Mexico and Hawaii) and the Atlantic-Carribean, that we hadn’t given it much thought. At least until August 19, when Jerry Blakeslee, formerly of Alameda and St. More »

A North Bay Getaway

For most North Americans summer is the prime time to escape from the rat race on a fun-filled vacation. But these days, not many of us can rationalize jetting off to some exotic destination. More »
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American Yacht Wrecked at Palmerston

Although details are not yet clear, we’ve learned that the 42-ft American yacht Ri Ri was lost recently on a reef at Palmerston Island in the Cooks. Dave and Sherry McCampbell of the Marathon, FL-based CSY 44 Soggy Paws report in their blog: "We are sad to report that one boat we are acquainted with, Ri Ri, was lost on the reef at Palmerston Atoll yesterday. More »

18-ft Skiffs Getting Ready

Blast-off! The 18-ft Skiffs get going on Sunday on the Cityfront. © Sharon Green The St. Francis YC’s 18-ft International Regatta is the only event of its kind in the United States. More »

Sockdolager Says Hello in Sausalito

Late summer may curse us with seemingly endless fog and chill but it blesses us with the arrival of many southbound cruisers with whom we have the pleasure of visiting. Just this morning we had the chance to hear about Jim Heumann and Karen Sullivan’s trip down the coast from Port Townsend aboard their Pacific Seacraft Dana 24 Sockdolager. More »

Fastnet Carnage

George David’s Juan K 100 Rambler may have been lost, but thankfully none of the crew were. © Carlo Borlenghi/Rolex The 266 boats still racing in the biennial Rolex Fastnet Race are running into lighter air after an initial two days of breeze on conditions that produced two elapsed time records and claimed one of the world’s fastest monohulls. More »
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Playing Chicken with Ships

Every Bay sailor knows that commercial ships have right-of-way and that you never want to tempt fate by crossing their bows, right? Arnstein Mustad found out differently on July 25 when he recorded a sailboat boldly going where no boat should ever go. More »