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Archive for August 2011
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Playing Chicken with Ships

Every Bay sailor knows that commercial ships have right-of-way and that you never want to tempt fate by crossing their bows, right? Arnstein Mustad found out differently on July 25 when he recorded a sailboat boldly going where no boat should ever go. More »

Score One for Nature!

Finally, some great news about Nature! While there are still a lot of fish in the Sea of Cortez, there are no longer the number or variety there was just 20 years ago, when the Sea was absolutely alive. More »

ACWS Cascais Wraps Up

Emirates Team New Zealand does a fly-by to celebrate winning a tricky final fleet race at the America’s Cup World Series Cascais. © 2011 Ricardo Pinto Emirates Team New Zealand proved to be the class of the first ever America’s Cup World Series event in Cascais, Portugal, which wrapped-up over the weekend. More »

A Kid with Good Taste

We love it when parents instill good taste in their kids, as Ventura’s Mark and Laurie Matthews have done with their newest crewmember. "Just wanted to let the good folks at Latitude 38 know that the crew devoured last month’s issue," write the couple. More »

Ten Points for Originality

Like many boaters, our marina mate, Steve, loves to tinker on boat projects whenever he has a spare moment. Normally, he directs that energy into upgrading his vintage motoryacht, but he apparently got side-tracked recently, because when we came across him the other day he was doing sea trials on his latest invention — an electric-powered sunfish! More »

Catalina 27 Amber Overdue

Amber is a Catalina 27 with roller furling jib. Her sail number is 6686. If you have seen her since July 25, please contact the Coast Guard with the information. USCG
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC The Coast Guard has asked for the public’s help in locating Alameda sailor Krzysztof Krasnodebski, 62, who sailed out of Grand Marina on July 25 aboard his Catalina 27 Amber bound for San Diego. More »

On the Beach in Cascais

America’s Cup action in Cascais, up close and personal. The next stops are Plymouth, England, and in November, San Diego. © 2011 Mike McMullen The America’s Cup honchos wanted to bring the America’s Cup "to the people," and based on this photo by Mike McMullen of Tiburon and the San Francisco YC, that’s exactly what’s being done for the first America’s Cup World Series currently being held in Portugal. More »

40th Anniversary of Blyth’s Record

British Steel sailed back into Southampton 40 years ago today. © Chay Blyth Archive/PPL On this day 40 years ago, Scottish sailor Chay Blyth sailed back into Southampton aboard his Robert Clark-designed 59-ft ketch British Steel after a 292-day West-about nonstop circumnavigation, setting a world record. More »
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Readers Share Their Wit

On Monday we couldn’t resist sharing the astounding video of the sloop Atalanta trying to squeak past the bow of an 870-ft long supertanker during Cowe’s Week off the Isle of Wight. More »

John Guzzwell Lends His Expertise

It was more than 50 years ago that a young British immigrant to Canada named John Guzzwell made history by completing an unprecedented circumnavigation aboard Trekka, a 21-ft wooden yawl he’d built with his own hands. More »