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Archive for June 2010

The Wackiest World Tour

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our three decades of interviewing sailors in far-flung destinations, it’s that first impressions don’t always clue you in to the whole story. Such was the case when we met a bright-eyed, young Frenchman in Moorea with wild curly hair and a scraggly beard. More »

Baseball – The Ha-Ha Against Turtle Bay

As of yesterday, there were 122 boats signed up and paid up for this fall’s Baja Ha-Ha rally. While that’s good news, the even more fun news is that the Ha-Ha folks are in the process of putting together a baseball game after the end of the first leg, pitting the Ha-Ha All-Stars against the Turtle Bay All-Stars in a nothing-serious ‘World Series of Baja’. More »
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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As the whole world must know, there was a recent failed attempt at an age record circumnavigation by a girl from Southern California. Despite all the media stories, the onboard cameras, and the undisclosed negotiations for a family "reality" show, anybody who would listen was told the attempt was a personal quest only, and had absolutely nothing to do with the pursuit of fame and fortune. More »

Dorland’s Broken Leg

If you’re eating, please save this item for later. If you’re squeamish, you may want to pass on it for good. Having heard about the compound fracture Greg Dorland of Lake Tahoe suffered after a heavily loaded genoa sheet on his Catana 52 Escapade wrapped around his leg upon approach to Annapolis, several readers, having finished checking out their News of the World gruesome photos, have asked to see what the damaged leg looks like. More »

Tahiti Trip Log

We never did catch this young sailor’s name, but after his dance floor experience during the lavish reception at Papeete’s town hall, we’re sure he’d give this year’s Rendezvous a glowing testimonial. More »

More Light Air for Solo TransPac’ers

Adrian Johnson of the Olson 30 Idefix and Ronnie Simpson on the Jutson 30 Warriors Wish are duking it out for monohull line honors. latitude/LaDonna
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC For a few days there, it seemed as if most of the 14 remaining members of the Solo TransPac fleet had reached the Trades and were finally on their way to Hanalei. More »
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Another Delay for Laura Dekker

Exactly one week after 16-year-old Thousand Oaks teen Abby Sunderland activated two EPIRBs after being dismasted, a Dutch court extended a ban preventing 14-year-old Laura Dekker from setting off on her own quest to become the youngest person to solo circumnavigate. More »

El Toro Senior NAs

Thirteen El Toro sailors descended on Clear Lake last weekend to race for the class’s North American Championship. The field included a pair of father/son teams from Santa Cruz YC — John and Michael Pacholski and Paul Tara and Patrick. More »