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Archive for June 2010

Tar Baby II Dismasted Near Niue

Louis and Alicia van Praag being ferried from their beloved Tar Baby II by the crew of a nearby fishing vessel. No injuries were reported in the dismasting. © RNZAF In a January ‘Lectronic, we wrote about the heartwarming tale of Louis and Alicia van Praag. More »

Singlehanders Keep on Keepin’ On

As the offshore weather has settled, so have the stomachs of the 13 solo sailors currently racing in the 17th Singlehanded TransPac. "I’ve just started being able to hold down my food," reported Ronnie Simpson on the Justson 30 Warriors Wish. More »

Blown Away by Summer Sailstice

Charlie Watt’s Antrim 27 Head Rush gets all lit up during the breezy YRA Sailstice race. © Erik Simonson Whether they were on the Bay with reefs tucked in, or elsewhere around the world under full sail, sailors the world over hoisted their cloth on Saturday to celebrate the 10th annual Summer Sailstice. More »

Solo TransPac Fleet Are Off

Mirage and Solar Wind duel toward the Gate at the start of the 17th Singlehanded TransPac. latitude/LaDonna
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Not in living memory has the Singlehanded TransPac fleet sailed out the Gate faster than they did this Saturday. More »

Weekday Racing Wrap-up

Alan Brierty’s R/P 63 Limit leaves the Bay behind shortly after starting the Encinal YC’s Coastal Cup yesterday. © Erik Simonson It would appear as though the fastest of the 18 boats in the Encinal YC’s Coastal Cup have had pretty consistent breeze since starting yesterday. More »

Slowest, Nonstop Circumnavigation

The burning desire to become famous by setting sailing records isn’t limited to the young. Artist/sailor Reid Stowe, 58, now holds the record for the longest nonstop voyage at sea (among other self-proclaimed records, such as "longest space analogous experiment on the ocean"). More »

The World Celebrates Sailing

Pirates and wenches and raft-ups galore can be found at Treasure Island’s Clipper Cove this weekend. latitude/JR
©2010 Latitude 38 Media, LLC Where’s Lake Neuchatel? Like many of the places we’ve never sailed, it’s another intriguing place to find sailors — specifically those who will be aboard the Beneteau 36s7 Spirit of Lusitania — celebrating Summer Sailstice with the rest of us. More »
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Caller of Fake Mayday Gets 30 Months

A 53-year-old Salinas man was sentenced this week to 30 months in federal prison for calling in a false mayday in October of ’08, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Kurtis Thorsted, who was at his home at the time of the call, told authorities that he was in a kayak off Santa Cruz and having trouble getting to shore. More »