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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

As the whole world must know, there was a recent failed attempt at an age record circumnavigation by a girl from Southern California. Despite all the media stories, the onboard cameras, and the undisclosed negotiations for a family "reality" show, anybody who would listen was told the attempt was a personal quest only, and had absolutely nothing to do with the pursuit of fame and fortune. Since that was supposedly the case, it’s surprising that weeks later, the biggest news outlets in the Southland — meaning the L.A. Times and KNX 1070 news radio — were continuing to put out "news" on the girl — "news" that seems to have been generated on the computers of the girl’s PR folks. For example:

On Saturday, the big news outlets reported that the girl and family members, including her brother — who nobody was to forget had completed his sailing adventure less than a year ago — were reunited on Reunion Island!! But the really big new was that the girl would hold a really big news conference — accredited press only — in Los Angeles on Tuesday!!

On Sunday, it was reported that the girl and her brother had arrived safely in France!! And that they would be flying back to the United States for the girl’s big press conference in Los Angeles on Tuesday!!!

This morning, it was reported that the girl would hold that press conference on Tuesday! It was also reported that it was possible that before then, her mother would give birth to the family’s eighth child. There is not word yet on whether the birth will be televised.

If the baby is indeed born before the press conference, grouchy skeptics such as ourselves wouldn’t be at all surprised if photos of the newborn, outfitted in a PFD, weren’t circulated at the older sister’s Tuesday press conference, complete with an outline of the newborn’s ‘lifetime’ dreams of various circumnavigations — hopefully to be completed at a younger age than anything that might be accomplished by Laura Dekker, the upstart 14-year-old child circumnavigation aspirant from The Netherlands. Not that anyone was seeking any fame or fortune out of all this, mind you. . . .

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