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Dorland’s Broken Leg

If you’re eating, please save this item for later. If you’re squeamish, you may want to pass on it for good.

Having heard about the compound fracture Greg Dorland of Lake Tahoe suffered after a heavily loaded genoa sheet on his Catana 52 Escapade wrapped around his leg upon approach to Annapolis, several readers, having finished checking out their News of the World gruesome photos, have asked to see what the damaged leg looks like. Happy viewing.

In the case of a heavily loaded catamaran genoa sheet versus a lower leg, the loaded sheet wins every time.

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Having had to drop sail in a blow, tend to a badly injured Greg, then bring Escapade into Annapolis and on the hook on her own, Debbie Macrorie then got to play nurse. Thanks to metal rods and staples, Greg’s leg was heavier than normal.

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As we’ve written before, Dorland is the second very experienced multihull sailor we know who has suffered this kind of injury. The other was Bob Smith of the custom 45-ft cat Pantera, who got an ankle caught while trying to anchor in La Paz Bay. So please, be careful out there. And remember to never straddle a loaded block or use a traveller track or loaded block for handholds.

The good news is that Smith has been very actively sailing ever since he recovered, and Greg and Debbie hope to be back aboard Escapade full-time by September.



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