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Wild Winter Weather Marks Transition Into New Year

The 2020s certainly seem determined to test our resilience. We all know winter brings storms to the Bay, but this year’s season is starting off with more bangs than we need. The cold front that crossed the coast on December 31 brought strong, gusting winds, heavy rainfall, and an unexpected amount of damage in the Delta. Latitude Racing Editor Christine Weaver reported several decades-old trees at Ox Bow Marina had been uprooted and dropped onto the docks and boat sheds.

January 1 dawned as fresh and promising as the new year itself, while the visible damage told the tale of the previous year’s stormy finale.
© 2023
The ‘Courtland’ portico was crushed.
© 2023
trees fallen on boat shed at Ox Bow Marina
These fallen eucalyptus had been growing on the bank of the levee.
© 2023 Latitude 38 Media LLC / Chris

Nearby Owl Harbor Marina also reported damage. Objects became airborne, five sailboats suffered torn jibs, several dinghies filled with water and were in danger of sinking, and the area was left without power.

Sadly, having survived past storms did not equate to “secure” in this most recent weather event.
© 2023 Devery Stockon

The entire San Francisco Bay Area and central coast are on alert for damaging gusts, flooding and landslides as a result of another severe weather system expected tonight. NOAA’s most recent report states the cold front and associated atmospheric river will reach us by early afternoon. Wind gusts of around 40 to 60 mph are expected ahead of the system, with possible 60- to 80-mph gusts in the hills. Heavy rains are expected to occur during the afternoon and into the evening, along with the possibility of lightning and hail. Bay Area news site KRON 4 has this morning reported that Richmond’s Seacliff neighborhood near Brickyard Cove “has been evacuated.” City officials told KRON 4 the evacuation is in response to “a potential slide.”

Basically, it’s sounding wild to the extreme, so if you can do so safely, check your boat. Then go home, check your immediate surrounds, and strap in and hang on.

Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Kim Paternoster 1 year ago

    Or do what we’re doing and live on your boat. GAHHHH! It’s already nuts!

  2. Steve Ware 1 year ago

    Three cheers to GIna, Harbor Master, and her team for quick response for the berthers.

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