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US Coast Guard Calls Out to Sailors for Help on Navigational Aids

Usually it’s mariners calling the Coast Guard for help. Right now the tables have turned, and for the next few weeks the USCG is calling out for help from mariners. The Coast Guard is currently conducting a Waterways Analysis Management System (WAMS) study and is asking mariners who frequent San Francisco Bay and surrounding areas, and San Diego Harbor, to answer a questionnaire. The questionnaire seeks to obtain data on the effectiveness of the system of Aids to Navigation.

The first survey covers multiple areas in and surrounding San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay and Half Moon Bay to assess the current aids to navigation, highlight any waterway concerns, and assess potential impact of future projects to widen and deepen areas within Sector San Francisco.

Bodega Bay survey area map
We all have opinions, so let them be heard by the right people.
© 2022 USCG

The second survey is intended to assess the current risks associated with the San Diego Harbor Special Anchorage Area (33 CFR 110.90). Relevant factors include Risk to Navigational Safety, Risk to the Environment, Risk Due to Subsea Infrastructure, Risk to the MTS, Risk to National Security, and Economic Impact.

Coast Guard Survey area map
San Diego sailors can have their say.
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The survey includes multiple waterway areas in and around San Francisco Bay, so please choose the one most applicable to your area and assist the Coast Guard in reviewing current trends, activities, and needs of the waterway.

The USCG will use this information to ensure that the aids are serving their intended purpose and meeting the needs to provide safe navigation corridors in San Francisco Bay. The Coast Guard also uses the information from all waterway users to assist with maritime transportation system management.

The WAMS Survey will be active until November 20, 2022, and can be found by using the following links:

San Francisco Bay Area and surrounds:

San Diego Harbor:

For further information or questions, please contact Sector San Francisco Waterways Department, Boatswain Henderson, [email protected]. Charts: 18649, 18654, 18656, and 18661

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