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Get the Good Jibes With Solo Sailor Ryan Finn

Welcome to Good Jibes, episode 42! This week’s host, Christine Weaver, is joined by Ryan Finn, who recently completed the arduous solo passage from New York to San Francisco, around Cape Horn. Yes, that’s what people consider “the wrong way,” and he did it aboard his 36-foot proa, Jzerro.

Ryan Finn aboard Jzerro
What was Jzerro’s top speed during the voyage?
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Hear why Ryan decided to sail from New York to San Francisco, at what point he considered backing out, what the turning point was, what he missed the most at sea, and what it felt like to sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and arrive at his destination.

This episode covers everything from Cape Horn to the Bay Area. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • What is a good sea story from Ryan’s voyage?
  • Which came first: the boat, or the idea to do the trip?
  • How unique is the voyage Ryan completed?
  • Where did he buy Jzerro and how much sailing did he do before the voyage?
  • When did Russell Brown design the boat?
  • How was Ryan’s first attempt around Cape Horn?
  • What were the high points and challenges on the voyage around South America?
  • When did Ryan start sailing?

Learn more about Ryan on Facebook and Instagram @2Oceans1Rock.

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