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Taking a ‘Good Jibes’ Holiday With a Read Through 2022

As we enter the busy holiday season, we’re going to take a little “Good Jibes Holiday” as we plan and prepare for a new year of sailors’ and sailing’s stories. Over the past year (and three months) we have chatted with sailors about their introduction to the sport, their most memorable experiences, lessons they’ve learned, their hopes for the future of sailing, and so much more. Together with these guests, our hosts have laughed and learned as they explored each sailor’s personal sailing story, and we look forward to sharing even more stories in 2023.

Meanwhile, to keep your listening ears happy, over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing live readings of some of our favorite stories from the pages of Latitude 38. You might be surprised to hear some of the stories you’ve missed this year, or perhaps even one from our “waaaay back” machine.

We know what it’s like to have your hands full but your mind free, so in the coming weeks while you’re busy polishing the stainless, varnishing the trimwork, or perhaps even painting the deck, crank up your speakers or put on your headphones and listen to the sounds of sailing.

We’ll start our temporary, dockside story time next Wednesday. Until then, here are a couple of our favorite episodes from the past year of Good Jibes.

Ashley Perrin
Ashley Perrin is a professional racer who’s sailed over 130,000 ocean miles and spent 25 years in offshore command. She owns Racing Yacht Management and also serves as an ice pilot and Antarctic expedition officer. Hear how to navigate icebergs, stay safe in risky sailing environments, and sail across oceans; about doublehanding vs. singlehanding, and stories from diving in Antarctica. This episode covers everything from freezing-cold waters to sailing by yourself.
Beau Vrolyk is a member of the Cruising Club of America and is the 2022 vice commodore of St. Francis Yacht Club. Mayan is a John Alden schooner built in Belize in 1947 and was owned by David Crosby from 1969–2014.

Oh… and if you have a story from the magazine you’ve been wanting to read, but haven’t, let us know and we’ll put it on our list. Just be sure to give us the title, issue date and page number. See you next week!

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