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Good Jibes: Loving the Singlehanded Transpacific Race With David Herrigel

This week’s host, Chris Weaver, is joined by David Herrigel to chat about the Singlehanded Transpacific Race (SHTP). David is chair of the 2023 SHTP, has been commodore of the Singlehanded Sailing Society (SSS), and is a two-time veteran of the event.

good Jibes guest David Herrigel
At minute 24:38 hear about some of the challenges in organizing a race such as the Singlehanded Transpacific Race.
© 2022 David Herrigel

Hear how David got rescued by the Coast Guard on his 2014 attempt, how he won the race in 2016, the atmosphere while waiting for arrivals in Hanalei Bay, what to expect in the next SHTP, and why you should never give up on your sailing dreams.

This episode covers everything from sailing the Pacific to getting involved in the sailing community. Here’s a small sample:

  • How did David’s 2014 attempt go?
  • What led to his win in 2016?
  • How did he become commodore of the SSS?
  • What is it like waiting for arrivals in Hanalei Bay?
  • When is the 2023 Singlehanded Transpacific Race?
  • How many female competitors will there be?
  • What is the seminar schedule?
  • How do you register?

Register for the race at and learn more at

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